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DeSantis raises the alarm bells: US a nation ‘in decline’

Governor Ron DeSantis painted a somber picture of the U.S. “in decline” during his address at the American Legislators Exchange Council’s 50th annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.

He lauded Republican-controlled states as champions of freedom, acknowledging their significant contributions.                                                 

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Ron DeSantis attributes national decline to ‘left-leaning’ state policies

The governor criticized states governed by left-leaning ideologies, arguing they epitomize the nation’s decline.

“This country is in a state of decline: economic decline, military decline, cultural decline,” Mr. DeSantis said. “And if we look at states that are governed by leftist politicians wielding leftist ideology, those states are symptomatic of the larger decline in our country. And I can cite you statistics, but all you have to do is look at how people are voting with their feet.”

He insisted, “Those states that impose anti-freedom policies are hemorrhaging businesses, residents, and wealth,” with crime and educational systems suffering.

Governor cites Florida’s economic triumph as contrast to national decline

He continued, “That decline is a choice,” emphasizing the contrast with states such as Florida, which under his leadership, retired $400 million in debt, saving taxpayers $25 million in interest payments.

The state also boasts strong business growth, low unemployment, and $2.7 billion in new tax relief.

Governor accuses Biden, Trump of boosting inflation, benefiting wealthy

He targeted the Biden administration and implicitly Donald Trump, attributing the marked inflation of recent years to their economic policies.

He associated high inflation with “tepid” economic growth and rising housing costs resulting from the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing policies. 

The governor criticized these policies for disproportionately benefiting the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. 

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DeSantis advocates for domestic production, education reform

Credits: DepositPhotos

Addressing global competition, DeSantis warned of China’s growing economic power and military prowess, urging greater domestic production to offset economic dependency.

He emphasized Florida’s strong educational performance and enacted policies to restore parental control over teaching.

DeSantis supports parental oversight in education, condemns adult content in schools

DeSantis pushed back against claims of “book bans” in Florida, arguing instead for parental rights to monitor their child’s educational content.

He denounced the presence of adult content in primary school classrooms, arguing, “Adult material shouldn’t be in a fourth-grade classroom.”

DeSantis urges nation to follow Florida’s lead for prosperous future

Despite the challenges, he remains optimistic about the future, believing that through conscious choices and moral leadership, the nation can reverse its decline.

In concluding his address, Governor DeSantis invoked a spirited call to action, encouraging other states to follow Florida’s example in fostering economic prosperity, educational advancement, and the protection of individual freedoms. 

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Ron highlights responsible leadership, ‘fiscal prudence’ for national restoration

His sincere belief in the resilience of the American spirit and the importance of deliberate, values-driven governance as a guiding beacon amidst national decline remains a vital message. 

In the face of adversity and impending challenges, DeSantis underscored the significance of responsible leadership, fiscal prudence, and educational excellence as critical elements of restoring the nation’s glory.


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