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DeSantis Says, ‘A Great American Comeback Is Attainable’ In Passionate Speech Which May Signal A 2024 Presidential Run

In an event that may signal presidential aspirations, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis addressed the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) with a speech that had overtones that suggested ambitions extending beyond Florida’s borders.

DeSantis declares his ‘fight’ has only just started

“We are proud of our achievements in Florida and grateful for our progress. But let me make this clear; my fight has only just started.”

Addressing the attendees on the inaugural night of the 2023 NRB International Christian Media Convention held at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida, the Governor painted a grim portrait of a nation in turmoil, gripped by a feeble administration commandeered by a left-leaning progressive agenda.

DeSantis said, “When you observe our nation, it feels like we’re living in a world turned upside down. There’s a lot of pessimism out there, but I believe the strides we’ve made in Florida can ignite a glimmer of hope in people.”

DeSantis asserted that the upcoming election would shape the nation’s trajectory for generations to come, stressing the vital role of people of faith in this process.

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DeSantis issues a call for ‘A great American comeback’

“American decline isn’t a certainty; it’s a choice,” he stated, adding that “A great American comeback is attainable, and freedom sure is worth fighting for.”

Speculation is rife that the governor will formally announce his entry into the 2024 Republican presidential race by May 24, challenging former President Donald Trump.

During his speech, DeSantis highlighted Florida’s recent legislative victories under the state’s Republican-controlled legislature, including a “heartbeat” abortion bill, parental rights laws, a ban on gender-altering surgeries for minors, and the eradication of Marxist-inspired critical race theory from state K-12 curriculum, all while maintaining robust economic growth and low tax rates.

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Credits: @rondesantisfl / Instagram

DeSantis says he won’t back down from feud with Disney

“If Disney isn’t happy with that, I stand firm. I won’t back down,” DeSantis declared, referencing a disagreement with the entertainment powerhouse over its progressive agenda. “I will stand for what is right, and we will protect our children. The well-being of our children is of greater value than any amount of money.”

Upon his inauguration in 2018, DeSantis recalled being able to swiftly appoint three conservative justices to the Florida Supreme Court, replacing three liberal judges who had served for decades. They were compelled to retire by a new state law mandating retirement at 75.

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DeSantis hails his achievements with Florida Supreme Court

He said, “Within my first month as governor, I turned the Florida Supreme Court from one of the nation’s most liberal to one of its most conservative.” 

The Governor also highlighted his staunch support for Israel, echoing a theme at the NRB convention, which celebrated Israel’s 75th anniversary as a nation state. 

“I made a pledge as Governor that Florida would be the most pro-Israel state in the United States, and we have lived up to that promise,” he stated, earning applause from the audience.

He recalled one of his earliest actions as governor, where he targeted those attempting to marginalize and undermine Israel. This included AirBnB, which was promoting a Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) stance against Israel.

“We listed them as non-investment grade, and AirBnB subsequently backed down. We have made it clear that BDS won’t be tolerated in Florida,” he firmly declared.

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