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DeSantis Super PAC’s Debate Strategy Revealed

According to The New York Times, a document from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s super PAC “Never Back Down” outlines his strategy for an upcoming Republican primary debate, emphasizing the need to defend Donald Trump and address his rivals strategically.

Advice and Research Memos Provided

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The document posted online by DeSantis’s super PAC offers advice and research memos to guide his approach in the debate, providing key points and recommendations for his strategy. 

Attack Joe Biden and the Media

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One of the main strategies suggested in the document is to repeatedly attack Joe Biden and the media during the debate, emphasizing the importance of portraying them in a negative light.

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Present DeSantis’s Positive Vision

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The document also emphasizes the need for DeSantis to present his own positive vision for the country, highlighting his plans and policies as a Republican presidential candidate.

Responding to Rival Vivek Ramaswamy

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To effectively counter rival Vivek Ramaswamy’s points, the document advises DeSantis to address his arguments and provide strong rebuttals during the debate.

Defending Donald Trump

Another key aspect of the strategy is to defend former President Donald Trump, particularly in response to potential attacks from Chris Christie, highlighting Trump’s achievements and policies.

Super PAC Restrictions

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While “Never Back Down” is a super PAC supporting DeSantis, it is important to note that they are not allowed to directly collaborate with the campaign, but can raise funds to support the candidate.

Attacking Democratic Figures

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The recommendations in the document highlight the emphasis on attacking prominent Democratic figures, as a key component of DeSantis’s debate strategy.

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Promoting DeSantis’s Own Vision

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Another important aspect of the strategy is promoting Governor DeSantis’s own vision for the country, highlighting his plans and policies as a Republican presidential candidate.

Addressing Criticism from Fellow Republicans

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The document also recommends that DeSantis addresses any criticism or attacks from fellow Republicans during the debate, highlighting his ability to respond effectively.

Insights into Campaign Planning

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The emergence of this strategy document offers insights into the intricacies of campaign planning and the strategic considerations involved in preparing for competitive presidential primary debates.

Strategic Importance of Debate Preparation

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Understanding the strategy behind debate preparation is crucial, especially in a competitive presidential primary where candidates must carefully navigate attacks, defend their positions, and articulate their vision effectively.


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