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DeSantis Supporter’s Surprising Move: Backing Biden to Thwart Trump’s General Election Hopes

In an unexpected twist, a prominent ally of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has emerged as a potential threat to former President Donald Trump’s ambitions in the upcoming general election. Bill Mitchell, a well-known online influencer who has been a vocal supporter of DeSantis, has unveiled a controversial plan that could undermine Trump’s bid and boost President Joe Biden’s chances.

Mitchell took to Twitter to lay out his strategy, which involves rallying DeSantis’ followers to cast write-in votes for DeSantis during the general election, should Trump secure the Republican Party’s nomination. The aim is clear: to prevent Trump from reclaiming the presidency.

This stance marks a significant departure from Mitchell’s previous unwavering commitment to backing any Republican nominee. When probed about his change of heart, Mitchell openly acknowledged his shift in perspective.

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Having risen to prominence as a staunch advocate for Trump during the 2016 election, Mitchell made headlines earlier this year by switching his allegiance to DeSantis over Trump.

This latest move by Mitchell aligns with his earlier declaration of full-throttle support for DeSantis in both his pursuit of the nomination and the presidency itself.

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Critics, including Kaelan Dorr, a former member of Trump’s campaign team, have slammed Mitchell’s approach, asserting that promoting such surrogates and granting them a platform could harm DeSantis’ campaign prospects. Dorr characterized Mitchell’s strategy as misguided and counterproductive.

This development coincides with a significant shift in polling data, as businessman Vivek Ramaswamy overtakes DeSantis to claim second place in a recent Kaplan poll. Furthermore, the poll underscores Trump’s commanding lead over DeSantis.

Mitchell’s unorthodox tactics to undermine Trump represent his latest endeavor to challenge the Trump campaign, as his favored contender, DeSantis, grapples with a challenging landscape in the polls. Mitchell’s recent podcast episode, featuring a conversation with Brian Krassenstein, a prominent anti-Trump influencer, adds weight to his critique of Trump’s campaign and his skepticism about the credibility of polling information.

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