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DeSantis wants to ‘rip up’ Biden’s ‘Green New Deal,’ plans to ’embrace American domestic energy’

Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, openly declared his disagreement with President Joe Biden’s climate change initiatives on Monday.

Responding to Stuart Varney’s question on Fox Business, “Do you have a climate plan?”, DeSantis forcefully announced his intention to dismantle Biden’s “Green New Deal.”

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DeSantis advocates for domestic energy, rejects Biden’s Green New Deal”

Compared to Biden’s environmental strategy, DeSantis underscored the importance of embracing domestic energy sources.

The governor asserted, “It’s going to be to rip up Joe Biden’s Green New Deal. I think at the end of the day, we need to embrace American domestic energy.”

“This could be a huge source of national security, economic vitality. It can build our industrial base.”

Concerns mount over Biden’s fossil fuel policies 

Biden’s stance towards fossil fuel production has raised alarm among economic and energy experts, who believe this could increase energy costs.

Some controversial moves included revoking the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline in 2021, canceling an offshore lease sale in 2022, and imposing regulations on onshore oil and gas drilling.

DeSantis highlights Florida’s emissions reduction success

Biden’s administration further raised eyebrows with new regulations targeting natural gas appliances, asserting gas stoves contribute to 12.7% of asthma cases among children.

DeSantis championed Florida’s significant emissions reduction, crediting innovation and market forces, not regulatory impositions.

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DeSantis criticizes Biden’s approach to emissions reduction

He argued, “In Florida, we’ve actually had a huge reduction in emissions, but it was done through innovation. It was done through market forces, not command and control.”

The governor also criticized Biden’s electric vehicle emphasis, as his administration stalled copper and nickel mining near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

DeSantis challenges Biden’s environmental policies, ‘Bidenomics’

Photo Credit: DepositPhotos

The Wall Street Journal reported these activities, including an EPA ruling that protected salmon by blocking mining for several essential minerals in Alaska.

DeSantis did not mince his words when criticizing the economic approach of the Biden administration. He took issue with the term “Bidenomics,” introduced by the WSJ in a June 28 speech in Chicago to describe Biden’s policies. 

DeSantis focuses on energy, deregulation, prosperity

He opined, “I think ultimately, Biden’s policies and ‘Bidenomics’ is really about making the average person poor and reducing their standard of living.” 

Thus, DeSantis clearly contrasts himself with Biden, focusing on domestic energy, deregulation, and economic prosperity for ordinary citizens. 

Energy independence: Strengthening national security

Supplementing the governor’s comments, research indicates that energy independence can strengthen national security.

The American Security Project asserts that reliance on foreign energy sources often creates dependencies that can lead to geopolitical instability.

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Domestic energy production rises: Economic gain vs environmental concerns

Furthermore, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that domestic energy production has significantly increased over the past decade, reducing the need for imports.

Harnessing this potential, as DeSantis suggests, can empower the economy while potentially lowering energy costs.

However, critics argue the environmental impacts and health hazards associated with fossil fuels warrant caution, further fueling the national debate on America’s energy future.


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