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Despite Slaveholder Ancestry Revelation, ‘The View’s’ Sunny Hostin Maintains Support for Reparations

Sunny Hostin, co-host of “The View,” remains a staunch advocate for reparations despite recent discoveries about her ancestry.

Her support for racial justice is unwavering, even after learning her family’s history.

Discovery of “Finding Your Roots”

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On PBS’s “Finding Your Roots,” Hostin learned her ancestors on her maternal side were involved in the slave trade in colonial Spain.

This revelation came as a shock, yet it has not deterred her beliefs.

Hostin’s Reaction to Ancestral Ties

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Despite the unsettling discovery, Hostin declared on “The View,” “I still believe in reparations, by the way.”

She addresses critics directly, affirming her position on reparations and racial justice.

Emotional Impact and Family Legacy

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The news initially disappointed Hostin, but she now feels “enriched” by understanding her family’s past.

From enslavers to an interracial marriage in 1968, Hostin sees her family’s history as a journey of progress.

Family’s Reaction to the Revelations

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Hostin shared her mother’s reaction to the ancestry findings, highlighting the emotional toll such discoveries can take.

Her mother’s tears and reflections underscore the deep connections to Black culture and the concept of atonement.

Hostin’s Connection to Black Culture

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The revelations spurred Hostin to reflect on her deep connection to Black culture, possibly as an atonement for her ancestors’ actions.

This insight has added a new layer to her understanding of her identity.

Indigenous Puerto Rican Heritage

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Further exploration of her family’s history revealed that Hostin and her family are seven percent indigenous Puerto Rican.

This aspect of her heritage adds to the rich tapestry of her identity.

Surprising Appearance and Family History

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Hostin noted the contrast between her appearance and her ancestry, revealing her mother is blond with light eyes.

This difference has made Hostin introspective about her family’s past and her connection to it.

Voting Rights in Hostin’s Ancestry

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Hostin’s third great-grandfather, born into slavery in 1835, registered to vote in Georgia in 1867.

This act of resilience is a proud point in Hostin’s family history, showcasing a legacy of overcoming adversity.

Navigating Personal and Public Identity

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Hostin’s journey through her family’s past has shaped her public advocacy for reparations and racial justice.

Her story illustrates the complex interplay between personal history and public stance.

The Role of Ancestry in Shaping Beliefs

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Understanding her ancestry has not only enriched Hostin’s sense of self but also reinforced her commitment to fighting for justice.

It demonstrates how personal history can influence one’s beliefs and actions.

Advocacy in the Face of Adversity

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Hostin’s advocacy for reparations, despite her family’s history, highlights her dedication to addressing racial injustices.

Her story is a testament to the belief in progress and the power of confronting the past to shape a more equitable future.

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