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Detransitioned Boy Who Was Castrated Warns About the Dangers of ‘Gender-Affirming Care’


A young male, who previously identified as a transwoman, shared his cautionary tale about the dangers of “gender-affirming care.” Kobe, as he is referred to for privacy reasons, spoke openly about his experience with medical interventions and the subsequent detransitioning process.

Early Struggles and Transition

Kobe always felt “effeminate” and displayed preferences stereotypically associated with girls. However, he believes that if he hadn’t been exposed to gender ideology, he would have been content as a feminine boy. Nonetheless, he identified as transgender at the age of 11 and started using “suicide tactics” advised by older trans individuals to obtain chemical interventions.

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Medical Interventions and Regrets

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Kobe began puberty blockers at 13, followed by estrogen at 16, and eventually underwent castration surgery at 19. He initially thought the procedures would help his mental health, but he ended up with ongoing medical issues. Puberty blockers stunted his growth, and estrogen impacted his cognition, causing constant brain fog.

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Detransition and Reflection

After detransitioning, Kobe experienced a newfound sense of being “alive again” upon starting testosterone therapy. He now sees the flaws in the ideology he once embraced and regrets the irreversible surgeries he underwent. Kobe advocates for compassionate care for those struggling with gender dysphoria but believes that gender-affirming care is not the solution. He plans to pursue a career in biology and zoology, reconnecting with his interests from before his transgender journey.

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