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Devon Archer Reveals Joe Biden’s Awareness of Hunter’s Business Meetings

In an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson, Devon Archer, a former associate of Hunter Biden, divulged crucial information about the involvement of then-Vice President Joe Biden in his son’s business dealings with foreign associates.

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Archer’s revelations followed his recent testimony before the House Oversight Committee, shedding light on the extent of the Biden family’s influence and connections. Archer acknowledged that the Biden name carried significant weight and influence, which played a pivotal role in the success of Hunter Biden’s business ventures.

The connection to the vice presidency provided undeniable advantages in their endeavors. During the interview, Archer admitted that Joe Biden’s position as vice president lent a substantial amount of power to the family brand, bolstering their business efforts. Tucker Carlson delved into the matter further, questioning Archer about Joe Biden’s awareness of the business meetings and interactions involving Hunter Biden.

Archer confirmed that Joe Biden was not only aware of the presence of business associates during these events but also personally engaged with them. Archer stated that there were particular dinners and meetings where Joe Biden interacted with these associates, underlining the extent of his involvement.

Archer’s testimony also brought to light instances where Hunter Biden had put his father on speakerphone during meetings, although these conversations were not related to business matters.
Rather, they were casual discussions and exchanges. This detail was reiterated during a closed-door session in Congress.

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Rep. James Comer, chair of the committee, emphasized Archer’s assertion that Joe Biden participated in Hunter’s business dinners alongside foreign associates, both in person and through speakerphone interactions. The presence of Joe Biden was strategically utilized to enhance the family name’s reputation in these business contexts.

Archer emphasized the unique power dynamic between Hunter and Joe Biden, noting that Hunter’s ability to directly communicate with his father during business meetings was a remarkable advantage. This direct line of communication with a high-ranking government official granted unparalleled influence in Washington, D.C.

Archer’s testimony has ignited debates between Republicans and Democrats, particularly concerning Joe Biden’s level of awareness about his son’s business activities.
While the House Oversight Committee has been investigating foreign payments received by the Biden family, Archer’s claims have raised questions about Joe Biden’s transparency on this matter.
Some Republican lawmakers have insinuated Joe Biden’s complicity in his son’s business ventures, a stance the White House vehemently denies.

Despite the testimony, Rep. Andy Biggs maintained his belief in President Biden’s compromise and called for an impeachment inquiry.
However, Rep. Dan Goldman dismissed these claims as baseless, reiterating Archer’s consistent denial of Joe Biden’s direct involvement in Hunter Biden’s business affairs.

Representatives of Hunter Biden have chosen not to comment on Archer’s testimony. The White House, through spokesperson Ian Sams, has refuted the allegations made by House Republicans, asserting that their own witness has discredited the accusations against the president.

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