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Disney set to lose millions as The Little Mermaid tanks

The Walt Disney Company is facing potential financial losses with the release of the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid during the Memorial Day weekend.

Box office analysts have provided speculation that this company, often associated with progressive ideals, may experience significant financial setbacks due to the live-action remake of the film.

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The movie has been seen to be doing better at the domestic box office than overseas, raking in approximately $300M-$350M in the U.S. and Canada, as opposed to $260M abroad.

The Little Mermaid’s shaky financial prospects

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According to financial sources, The Little Mermaid, with a reported production cost of $250 million and a global marketing expenditure of $140 million, has a strong chance of reaching the break-even point.

Nevertheless, if its worldwide earnings fall below the modest threshold of around $400 million, this film may incur a loss of approximately $20 million, causing it to struggle financially.

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The Little Mermaid’s domestic success vs. international struggles

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The Little Mermaid achieved a successful domestic debut, generating $118.6 million over a four-day opening period, ranking it among the top five highest-grossing films for Memorial Day weekend.

However, internationally, the film’s earnings were only $68 million.

Considering its $250 million budget, it appears challenging for the film to generate sufficient revenue from overseas markets to be profitable in theaters, let alone reach the impressive $1 billion benchmark achieved by previous Disney Renaissance remakes like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Aladdin.”

The Little Mermaid opening weekend challenges

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During its opening weekend, the remake fell short of expectations.

According to Deadline, Disney invested $390 million into this venture after factoring in production and promotional costs. 

A struggle to reach the break-even point

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Based on calculations, the film would need to gross nearly $800 million worldwide to break even.

Since theaters typically claim around 50% of each ticket sale, half of $800 million equates to $400 million.

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A potential $200m loss after global gross earnings

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If the film manages to gross only $600 million globally, it will result in a loss of $200 million, and even achieving this level of domestic earnings still needs to be determined.

Therefore, domestically, the likelihood that it could gross $300 to $350 million seems overly optimistic.

A highlight of America’s progress in combating racism?

Credit: DepositPhotos

While The Little Mermaid’s reception seems quite the opposite between its domestic and international performance, the film’s featuring a black mermaid appears to be a hit in the United States, showcasing America’s progress in combating racism.



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