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Dissatisfied Democrats Vote ‘Uninstructed’ During Wisconsin Primary

In the recent primary election in Wisconsin, a significant portion of Democratic voters, exceeding 8%, opted for “uninstructed” votes, signaling their dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden’s policies, particularly regarding the conflict in Gaza.

Led by the initiative Listen To Wisconsin, the movement garnered more than 47,000 votes, surpassing its initial goal. 

The turnout indicates a notable segment of voters urging for a shift in policy direction.

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Credit: DepositPhotos

Leading the state’s uninstructed campaign, Kyle Johnson credited the robust turnout to extensive outreach efforts, including over half a million phone calls and 2 million text messages to call for action from the White House.

Similar protest votes were observed in Michigan and Minnesota, reflecting a broader sentiment among Democratic voters. 

Although Wisconsin didn’t meet the 15% threshold to send delegates, the movement is anticipated to be represented at the Democratic convention in August, alongside delegates from Michigan, Minnesota, Hawaii, and Rhode Island.

The discontent among Democratic voters largely stems from frustrations over Biden’s support for Israel’s actions in Gaza. 

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Credits: DepositPhotos

Calls for a cease-fire and the reinstatement of aid to Palestinian relief agencies have intensified, with organizers cautioning about potential electoral repercussions in November if the administration fails to alter its course.

Recent polls indicate widespread support among U.S. voters, especially Democrats, for a permanent cease-fire and a reduction in violence in Gaza. 

Kyle Johnson reiterated the importance of collective action, stressing the need for politicians to heed the voices of their constituents.

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