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Doctor Declares Biden ‘Fit for Duty’ Following Annual Physical Exams, Highlights Need for Weekly Exercise Routine

President Joe Biden, at 81, actively engages in physical activities five days a week, demonstrating his commitment to health and fitness, as confirmed by his physician.

This was confirmed last Wednesday in a memo released by Dr. Kevin O’Connor.

Comprehensive Health Evaluation

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Dr. Kevin O’Connor’s memo post-physical exam reveals Biden’s treatment for sleep apnea and a past root canal but affirms his good health and readiness for presidential duties.

Steady Health Conditions

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Despite dealing with a stiff gait, peripheral neuropathy, and other health issues, Biden’s conditions are well-managed through medication, showing no new health concerns.

Declared “Fit for Duty”

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Dr. O’Connor emphasizes, “The President feels well, and this year’s physical identified no new concerns,” highlighting Biden’s capability to execute his presidential responsibilities fully.

Biden’s Re-election Quest

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Amidst Biden’s re-election campaign, his health status has become a focal point, especially as he aims to continue his tenure as the oldest president in U.S. history.

Physical Exam Outcomes

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Following his physical at a military hospital, Biden assured the public of his stable health, echoing results similar to the previous year’s examination.

Public and Political Scrutiny

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The forthcoming election potentially pits Biden against Donald Trump again, with both parties having previously raised concerns about each other’s mental fitness.

Cognitive Testing Debates

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Amid discussions on the necessity of cognitive testing for presidential candidates, the White House states Biden has not undergone such testing, considering it unnecessary.

Addressing Age-Related Concerns

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Biden humorously addresses concerns about his age and capacity, quipping about appearing “too young” for his presidential role.

Biden’s Active Lifestyle

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Despite debates about his age, Biden’s regular engagement in golfing, biking, and other physical activities underscores his vitality and commitment to health.

Fitness for Presidency Affirmed

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The detailed assessment by Biden’s doctor and the president’s reassurance to the public affirms his health and fitness to serve as commander-in-chief.

Biden’s Health and Campaign

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As Biden prepares for the electoral battle ahead, his clean bill of health and active lifestyle stands as a testament to his resilience and readiness to face the challenges of the presidency.

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