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DOJ Caught Interfering in Hunter Biden Probe, New York Times Hides the Truth!

In a shocking twist, The New York Times has finally confirmed a bombshell claim regarding the Department of Justice’s mishandling of the Hunter Biden probe. Brace yourself because the crucial information was buried deep within their Tuesday report. Can you believe where they hid it?

NYT Confirms DOJ Interference with Hunter Biden Probe, But You Won’t Believe Where They Buried It!

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Imagine this: Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden, pleads guilty to only two misdemeanor tax violations, while facing a felony gun registration charge. But hold on tight because it gets even more intriguing. The House Ways and Means Committee releases testimony from two IRS whistleblowers, accusing the Justice Department of granting Hunter preferential treatment. Is there something fishy going on here?

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A Startling Confirmation: DOJ Blocks Charges Against Hunter Biden

The New York Times has confirmed the shocking claim made by U.S. Attorney David Weiss that the DOJ prevented him from bringing charges against Hunter Biden. But wait, there’s more! Find out who rejected the requests and why they wanted to keep Hunter out of the hot seat.

The Times’ Hidden Truth: 21st Paragraph Revelation

Prepare for a jaw-dropping revelation! The confirmation of DOJ interference in the Hunter Biden case wasn’t mentioned until the 21st paragraph of The New York Times’ extensive report. Can you believe they buried such explosive information deep within their article? What else are they hiding?

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Suspicious Visitor Logs: White House Keeps Hunter Biden’s Footsteps a Secret

The White House seems to be playing a sneaky game. Despite the Obama administration openly disclosing Hunter Biden’s visits, the current White House has omitted him from the visitor logs. What are they trying to hide, and why the secrecy?

Biden’s Denial Falls Flat: Evidence Suggests He Discussed Business with Hunter

Oh, Joe Biden, your denials may not hold water. The evidence suggests otherwise! Despite repeatedly claiming he never discussed business dealings with his son, Hunter Biden’s WhatsApp text message to a Chinese business associate tells a different story. Is there a sinister extortion scheme involving the president?

Hunter Biden’s Troubled Past: Addiction, Words, and Actions

In the midst of it all, Hunter Biden’s attorney doesn’t deny the authenticity of a text message where Hunter invokes his father’s name. But wait, there’s a twist! The attorney claims that any words or actions from Hunter during his addiction battle are solely his own. What a tangled web!

Time for Congress to Take Action: Subpoena Hunter Biden

Enough is enough! It’s time for Congress to step in and subpoena Hunter Biden. With mounting evidence and allegations of preferential treatment and shady business dealings, the American people deserve the truth. Are you ready to join the call for accountability?

Join the Conversation: Share Your Thoughts!

We’ve covered the shocking revelations, the hidden truths, and the questionable actions surrounding Hunter Biden’s probe. Now it’s your turn to weigh in! What are your thoughts on this explosive situation? Leave a comment and share your opinions with the world.

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