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DOJ seeks 6-Month Sentence for Ex-Trump Advisor in Contempt Case 

Federal prosecutors recommend a six-month prison sentence for former Trump advisor Peter Navarro, convicted of contempt of Congress. 

Refusal To Cooperate on Jan.6 Investigation 

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The charges stem from his refusal to cooperate with the House committee investigating the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack.  This mirrors the DOJ’s similar recommendation for Steve Bannon, adding to the Capitol investigation’s legal challenges. 

Prosecutors Argue for High-End Sentence 

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In a sentencing memo, prosecutors assert Navarro’s defiance and contempt, urging a high-end sentence for using a “bad-faith strategy” to evade the committee’s subpoena.  They claim Navarro prioritized allegiance to Trump over cooperating with Congress. 

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Comparisons to Capitol Rioters 

WASHINGTON, DC – JAN 21, 2017: Women’s March on Washington, with marchers on the Constitution Avenue and having the US Capitol Building in the background. — Photo by 3000ad

Prosecutors draw parallels between Navarro’s actions and those of the Capitol rioters, accusing both of prioritizing political motives over national interests. 

Hindering Congress 

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They argue that Navarro’s defiance hindered Congress’s investigation into the January 6 attack. 

Navarro’s Contempt Charges 

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Navarro faced two counts of contempt of Congress for refusing to produce documents and failing to appear for a deposition before the Jan. 6 committee, highlighting his non-cooperation with the investigative process. 

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Similar Recommendations for Bannon 

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The Justice Department recommends a six-month prison term for Steve Bannon, convicted on two counts of contempt of Congress. 

Bannon Goes Free 

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Despite a four-month sentence, Bannon remains free pending appeal. 

Navarro’s Defense Argument 

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Navarro’s defense cites constraints imposed by “antiquated precedent” and uncertainties about executive privilege. 

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In Line with Precedence 

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They question how the court should sentence a senior advisor acting in line with the historical behaviors of presidential advisors. 

Executive Privilege and Trial Dynamics 

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Throughout Navarro’s trial, legal teams grappled with the complexities of executive privilege. 

Failure To Prove Trump’s Presidential Privilege Claim 

Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Images via Getty Images

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta’s rulings restrict the defense from using it to prove innocence, asserting that Navarro’s counsel failed to prove Trump invoked executive privilege. 

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Request for New Trial Denied 

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Navarro’s request for a new trial and the dismissal of his conviction, based on alleged juror prejudice during a lunch break, was rejected by Judge Mehta. 

Sentencing Date Set 

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Scheduled for January 25, Navarro’s sentencing becomes imminent, signaling potential consequences for his defiance of Congressional authority.  
The recommendations by the Justice Department highlight the gravity of contempt of Congress charges. 

Conclusion of Legal Proceedings 

Credit: Peter Navarro (Photo via AFP)

As legal proceedings unfold, the recommended prison term underscores the seriousness of contempt charges against Navarro.  
Navarro’s sentencing marks a crucial chapter in post-January 6 accountability efforts. 

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