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Donald Trump Criticized For Spending Over $50 Million Of Donor Funds On Legal Expenses In 2023

Former President Donald Trump reportedly spent an astounding $50 million on legal fees in 2023, as he grappled with a barrage of criminal cases and investigations.

The New York Times’ investigative report, by Maggie Haberman and Shane Goldmacher, unveils the intricate financial maneuvers employed by the ex-president.

Using Online Donation For Legal Expenses

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The report delves into the specifics of Trump’s financial strategy, revealing that he directed 10 percent of online donations to “Save America,” a political action committee (PAC) primarily funding his legal team.

Financial Channels And PACs

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Trump channeled his legal expenses through both “Save America” and another account named the “Make America Great Again PAC,” an outgrowth of his 2020 re-election committee.

Dubious Transfers

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In the first half of 2023, “Save America” transferred $5.85 million to the “Make America Great Again PAC,” which spent nearly the entire sum on legal and investigation-related costs.

The approximately $50 million figure encompasses such expenses from both groups.

Insights And Analysis On CNN

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During a discussion on CNN, Kaitlan Collins and Maggie Haberman explored the implications of this substantial expenditure.

Collins remarked on the enormity of the $50 million figure, emphasizing Trump’s extensive legal troubles.

Financial Strain On Trump

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Haberman provided insights into the financial strain of Trump’s ongoing legal battles, particularly his four indictments in the previous year.

She noted that these numbers were likely to rise, especially if any cases proceeded to trial.

 She said, “I mean, $50 million, for someone who obviously has a lot of legal troubles, is still a really astounding number.”

Donor Awareness

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Haberman raised questions about whether Trump’s donors were fully aware of how their contributions were allocated.

She pondered, “Did his donors know this is what they were going to be paying for? No. Would they all mind? I doubt it because some of them thought they were paying for some kind of legal fight.”

Social Media Criticism

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On social media, Trump faced criticism and mockery from his critics.

One user pointed out the irony of donations meant to “make America great” going toward enriching lawyers.

Others sarcastically suggested that Trump might convince his followers that losing is a form of victory while a third user labeled Trump ‘a fraud’, asserting that he always has been and always will be.

Civil Litigation Challenges

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In addition to the financial burden of legal fees, Trump faces a barrage of civil litigation.

A federal civil jury recently ordered him to pay $83.3 million in a defamation case filed by New York writer E. Jean Carroll.

Civil Fraud Trial Brought By Letitia James

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Furthermore, a New York state judge is expected to decide the penalty Trump must pay in connection with a civil fraud trial brought by the state’s attorney general, Letitia James, seeking a penalty of $370 million.

These legal challenges further compound Trump’s financial woes.

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