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Donald Trump Maintains Commanding Leads in Early States, While Ron DeSantis Slides to Third Place in South Carolina

In the latest polls conducted in early states, former President Donald Trump continues to hold a dominant position in the GOP primary race, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis experiences a setback, slipping to third place in South Carolina. These surveys, which encompass Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, offer valuable insights into the current dynamics of the Republican primary.

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South Carolina Poll Results

A recent poll conducted by Fox Business in South Carolina from July 15 to July 19 reveals Trump’s significant lead, with an impressive 48 percent support among likely GOP primary voters. In comparison, former Governor Nikki Haley, who also served as Trump’s U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, secures second place with 14 percent. However, the noteworthy development is DeSantis falling to third place with 13 percent support, while Senator Tim Scott closely trails at 10 percent.

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The margin of error for this South Carolina poll is 3.5 percent, indicating the relatively high level of confidence in its findings. GOP pollster Daron Shaw, in collaboration with Democrat pollster Chris Anderson, conducted the survey and commented on Trump’s formidable presence in the race. Shaw describes Trump as the “proverbial 800-pound gorilla,” making it the primary challenge for other candidates to distinguish themselves as the non-Trump alternative. As of now, the contest for this position appears to be a three-way race between DeSantis, Haley, and Scott.

Iowa and New Hampshire Survey Results

The Iowa poll, encompassing 806 likely caucus-goers from July 15 to July 19, echoes the dominance of Trump, who enjoys 46 percent support in the Hawkeye State. In contrast, DeSantis trails far behind at just 16 percent, with Senator Scott gaining momentum at 11 percent. The other candidates in double digits in Iowa are businessman Vivek Ramasawamy at six percent and former Vice President Mike Pence at four percent. North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie both hold three percent support apiece.

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Similarly, in New Hampshire, a Daily Mail poll conducted by JL Partners shows Trump leading the field with 42 percent support, while DeSantis lags at 15 percent. Notably, both Senator Scott and Governor Christie experience surges, each securing eight percent in this poll, a considerable shift from earlier polling in April when neither Scott nor Christie had officially entered the race. Ramaswamy and Haley hold steady at four percent, Burgum maintains three percent, and Pence garners two percent support in this poll.

Analyzing DeSantis’s Decline

The recent polls indicate a challenging situation for Ron DeSantis as he faces a downward trajectory in South Carolina and struggles to maintain a competitive position in both Iowa and New Hampshire. While Trump remains the prominent frontrunner, DeSantis’s campaign may need to reassess its strategies and messaging to resonate with the GOP electorate.


In conclusion, Donald Trump continues to maintain commanding leads in the early states, solidifying his status as the dominant force in the GOP primary race. Conversely, Ron DeSantis faces the task of regaining momentum after slipping to third place in South Carolina and trailing significantly behind Trump in Iowa and New Hampshire. As the primary race unfolds, candidates like Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, and Chris Christie demonstrate promising performances, presenting potential challenges to DeSantis’s bid for the nomination. It remains to be seen how the candidates will navigate the dynamic political landscape in their pursuit of the Republican nomination for the upcoming presidential election.

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