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Donald Trump Pokes Fun at Jimmy Carter’s Presidency Following Rosalynn Carter’s Hospice Care

Rosalynn Carter, the former first lady who was a strong advocate for mental health issues, passed away on Sunday. Her life and legacy are being celebrated and remembered by many.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump chose to take a jab at former President Jimmy Carter at a rally in Iowa on Saturday, just one day after the news of Rosalynn Carter entering hospice care broke.

During the rally in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Trump criticized President Biden and told the crowd of supporters, “the happiest person anywhere in this country right now is Jimmy Carter because his administration looked brilliant compared to these clowns.” He went on to say, “Compared to Biden, Jimmy Carter was a brilliant, brilliant president.”

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The Carter Center had recently announced that Rosalynn Carter had entered hospice care, a decision often made by patients who no longer wish to receive treatment as they near the end of their life. this news came after Jimmy Carter himself entered hospice care in February this year, and in May, it was revealed that Rosalynn Carter had been diagnosed with dementia.

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Despite these challenges, the Carters’ grandson, Jason Carter, who is also the chairman of the Carter Center’s Board of Trustees, shared with USA TODAY earlier this year that the couple remains devoted to each other and continues to face their health issues together.

He said, “They are together. They are at home. They’re in love, and I don’t think anyone gets more than that. I mean, it’s a perfect situation for this time in their lives.”

Jason Carter also mentioned that while his grandfather is dealing with significant physical challenges, he still manages to enjoy watching baseball games and spending time with family on an almost daily basis. “They’re both doing as well as can be expected,” he added.

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Credit: DepositPhotos

Despite the sorrow surrounding Rosalynn Carter’s hospice care, Donald Trump’s comments about Jimmy Carter’s presidency served as a reminder that politicians often engage in heated rhetoric, even in the midst of personal struggles.

The legacy of the Carters’ dedication to public service and their enduring love story should not be overshadowed by these political exchanges.

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