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Dr. Phil Reveals Shocking Border Realities: ‘Insane’ Treatment Discrepancies

Dr. Phil McGraw, renowned TV personality, shared his firsthand observations from a recent visit to the southern border in Texas during an appearance on “Hannity.”

Expressing concern over the handling of the illegal immigration crisis, he shed light on the frustrations of border patrol agents and highlighted discrepancies in treatment between state and federal law enforcement.

Assessing the Border Situation

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Seeking to gain insights into the situation at the border, Dr. Phil engaged with law enforcement officials tasked with managing the influx of migrants.

Actual Migrant Numbers Far Higher

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Contrary to official figures, border agents informed him that the actual number of migrants entering the country far exceeds reported statistics.

He said “We hear this number, six million people have come across under the current administration. I talked to experts down there that say that number is a myth, that it’s closer to 13 to 14 million that have come across.”

Calls for Law Enforcement Support

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Upon being asked, dorder agents told him that they possess the necessary tools to address the crisis effectively but are hindered by a lack of support from the administration.

Allowed to Do Their Job

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He said that they claimed that they “just need the laws that are on the books to be followed.

We need to be allowed to do our job. And we can get this under control right now.’”

Concerns Over Migrant Origins

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Dr. Phil voiced apprehension regarding the origins of migrants crossing the southern border, highlighting a significant increase in Chinese migrants in recent years.

Coming in With an Agenda

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He said that he felt it was “incredibly narcissistic” to think these people are coming across our southern border “just because they’re in the neighborhood,” he said.

“They’re coming in here with an agenda.”

Are They Spying?

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He argued, “I’ll promise you, they are expected to do certain things. Are they spying? Are they sending seeds back from farming to China? Are they getting plans in the industries they’re working in? Who knows what they’re doing, and we need to know.”

Critique of Current Policies

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While expressing support for immigration, Dr. Phil criticized the efficacy of current administration policies in ensuring border security.

Proper Vetting Needed

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He emphasized the need for proper vetting and control over who enters the country, cautioning against rewarding unlawful behavior and incentivizing further illegal immigration.

Discrepancies in Treatment

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A significant revelation from Dr. Phil’s trip was the contrasting treatment of migrants by state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Jailed vs Released

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He said, “If they run into a brown uniformed border guard with the Texas Department of Public Safety, they get arrested, they get put in jail and they get returned. But if they run into a green uniformed federal agent, they get money and a court date, seven to ten years down the road and they get released into the country.”

Impact of Treatment Disparities

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The disparity in treatment has meant that if migrants “see a brown uniform they hide. If they see a green uniform, they run towards it.”


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Dr. Phil expressed dismay over the inconsistency in enforcement practices, describing it as “insane” and indicative of systemic challenges in border management.

Alarming Statistics

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Citing Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources, Dr. Phil underscored the magnitude of the migrant influx, with over 250,000 encounters recorded in December alone.

The record-breaking figures highlight the urgency of addressing border security concerns and implementing effective strategies to manage the crisis.

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