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Drug-Addled Louisiana Couple Face Serious Charges After Infant’s Tragic Death

A Louisiana couple, Angel Taylor, 24, and Chevy Lafountain, 31, have been arrested and charged with second-degree murder, neglect, and child abuse after their 4-month-old daughter was found dead and their toddler severely neglected. Authorities in St. John the Baptist Parish reported that the children had been “severely malnourished.”

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Tragic Discovery

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The incident came to light when Angel Taylor made a 911 call reporting her infant was unresponsive. However, when deputies arrived at their residence in Reserve, the baby was already dead. An autopsy later revealed that the infant died malnourished, dehydrated, and starved, indicating a disturbing pattern of neglect.

Neglect to the Highest Level

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Sheriff Mike Tregre expressed shock at the couple’s actions, comparing them unfavorably to wild animals in their care for their young. The condition of the baby’s body suggested prolonged neglect, raising concerns about the last time she had received nourishment. The couple’s 13-month-old son also showed signs of severe neglect, although he had somehow managed to find food to survive.

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Charges and Remorseless Confession

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In addition to second-degree murder charges, Taylor and Lafountain are facing felonies for cruelty to juveniles with force/violence and misdemeanors for child desertion. The couple admitted to treating the children poorly, with Lafountain blaming his drug dealers and Taylor claiming she was unaware of her prolonged unconsciousness due to drug use.

The Tragic Scene and State Custody

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Authorities described the trailer as a scene of horror, surrounded by children’s toys, garbage, and detritus. Both parents admitted to drug use and displayed no remorse for their actions. The toddler was taken into state custody, while the couple’s bonds were set at $600,000 with no option to post 10 percent.


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This distressing case highlights the urgent need for attention to child neglect and abuse. Authorities are now investigating the extent of the couple’s actions and seeking justice for the tragic death of the 4-month-old girl.

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