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Durham Report Reveals That The FBI Shut Down Multiple Criminal Investigations Into The Clintons

John Durham, the Special Counsel investigating the origins of the FBI’s probe into the Trump campaign in 2016, has released a highly-anticipated report. 

The report uncovered that top leaders at the Bureau shut down four criminal investigations into Hillary and Bill Clinton.

One investigation in 2014 involved claims from a confidential source that a foreign government planned to contribute to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to gain influence. 

The report revealed that the investigation stalled for about four months due to concerns over Clinton’s expected presidential run. 

Agents get ‘tippy-toed’ in investigations into Clinton

Agents involved in the case admitted they were cautious and afraid to pursue it aggressively because of Clinton’s high profile. 

According to the report, they were “tippy-toeing” around Clinton due to the possibility of her becoming the next President.

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Schweizer’s book ‘Clinton Cash’ triggers investigations

One of these investigations was initiated after Peter Schweizer’s book, “Clinton Cash,” exposed the Clinton Foundation’s alleged influence peddling.

Peter Schweizer, a Breitbart News contributor and the author of “Clinton Cash,” received a call from the New York FBI office following the book’s release. 

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Schweizer believed that the interest in his book was triggered by a New York Times piece on Uranium One, which confirmed some of the claims made in his book. 

He stated that the Clinton Foundation involved the transfer of large sums of money, influencing policy positions and solid evidence supporting these claims.

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Poor presentation and insufficient predication halts FBI investigation

FBI leadership eventually held a joint meeting with the three field offices, FBI Headquarters, and relevant United States Attorney’s offices. 

However, the report highlighted that the briefing on the investigations could have been better presented, and there needed to be more predication for at least one of the investigations, according to Ray Hulser, the Department of Justice Public Integrity Section Chief.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe initially directed the field offices to close their cases but later agreed to reconsider the disposition. 

Tense atmosphere in FBI joint meeting

The FBI Washington Field Office’s Assistant Director-in-Charge Paul Abbate described McCabe’s demeanor during the joint meeting as negative, annoyed, and angry. 

McCabe questioned the need for the investigations and expressed frustration with the Department’s stance. 

Ultimately, Campbell, the Deputy Director, required his approval for any overt investigative steps.

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Comey, FBI director, gives orders to cease investigation

Additionally, the report revealed that former FBI Director James Comey instructed the New York Field Office, through an intermediary, to cease their investigation into the Clinton Foundation. 

McCabe dismissed the Durham report as an illegitimate investigation, claiming it was politically motivated.

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The report also compared the FBI’s handling of investigations into Clinton and former President Donald Trump. 

It highlighted the FBI’s use of defensive briefings in 2015 to inform the Clinton campaign about potential threats, contrasting with their failure to provide a briefing similar to the Trump campaign in 2016 when Australia shared information from George Papadopoulos.

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Members of Congress call for a revisiting of the Clinton investigation

Members of Congress, such as Rep. Matt Gaetz and former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, have called for further scrutiny of the FBI’s handling of the Clinton investigations. 

They believe senior officials shut down the investigations with a political agenda favoring Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. 

They argue that these matters should be revisited, and hearings with field agents involved in the Clinton Foundation investigations should be conducted.

The Bureau’s potential political bias raises questions

In summary, John Durham’s report revealed that the FBI shut down several investigations into the Clintons, raising questions about the Bureau’s handling of these cases and its potential political bias. 

The report has prompted calls for further examination of the FBI’s actions and renewed congressional hearings into the matter.

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