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Dying Veteran Accuses Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom of Attempting to Take His Home

An 83-year-old veteran, Carl Westcott, has alleged that pop star Katy Perry and her fiancé Orlando Bloom are attempting to take his home from him.

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The couple is currently involved in a three-year legal dispute over a mansion they purchased in Montecito, California, in 2021 for $14.2 million.

Westcott claims that he signed a contract to sell his home in July 2020 when he lacked the mental capacity to fully understand the nature of the agreement due to his age and health condition.

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He stated that he had intended to live in the home for the rest of his life after purchasing it just two months prior to Perry and Bloom buying the adjacent estate.

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After initially agreeing to sell, Westcott rescinded the offer about a week later, citing his health condition and age.

However, Perry and Bloom expressed their desire to purchase the property in a letter, offering more than what Westcott paid for it.

Despite Westcott’s refusal, their lawyer informed him that the couple was committed to completing the sale.

The case is set for trial later this month.

This situation has drawn comparisons to a previous legal battle involving Katy Perry in 2016 when she contested nuns over the ownership of a Los Feliz property, which she eventually won after a prolonged legal struggle.

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