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Dylan Mulvaney Charging $40k in Speaking Fees on ‘Female Empowerment’

Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender TikTok influencer, is set to embark on a college speaking tour and has announced that the fees for her engagements will be as high as $40,000, with topics focusing on “female empowerment.”

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Upcoming College Speaking Tour

Mulvaney shared the news of the upcoming speaking tour through an Instagram story, encouraging college students to book speaking engagements through the agency Crista Spadafore.

Confirmed Speaking Fees

Crista Spadafore has confirmed that Mulvaney’s speaking fees will amount to $40,000. Previously, when speaking at the University of Pittsburgh earlier this year, Mulvaney charged $26,250 for her appearance. According to her booking page with CAA, the TikTok influencer is capable of speaking on various topics, including “women’s empowerment.”

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Dylan Mulvaney’s Background and Achievements

Credit: DepositPhotos

Dylan Mulvaney, who identifies with the pronouns she/they, is known as a trans actress and content creator. After her touring stint with Broadway’s Book of Mormon came to a halt due to the pandemic, she turned to TikTok, where she shared her transgender journey with millions of followers. Her series titled “Days of Girlhood” garnered over 750 million views in less than 100 days, and she received recognition as TikTok’s “trailblazer” for the month of June. Moreover, Good Morning America featured her on their “Who is Making LGBTQ+ History Right Now?” list.

Controversy Over Bud Light Partnership

Mulvaney stirred controversy earlier this year when Bud Light temporarily partnered with her, resulting in significant backlash. As Bud Light’s sales declined and Modelo overtook it as America’s number one beer, the company distanced itself from Mulvaney, which led her to accuse the company of perpetuating transphobia.

Mulvaney Addresses the Issue

In response to the criticism, Mulvaney addressed the issue in a video, expressing that she loves beer and won’t tolerate anyone saying otherwise. She revealed that the partnership with Bud Light triggered “bullying and more transphobia” than she had anticipated, causing fear and loneliness. While she waited for the brand’s support, it never came, and she criticized the company for not standing by her publicly, believing that such actions enable transphobic behavior and have serious consequences for the LGBTQ+ community.

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