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Dylan Mulvaney Jokes About Being Transgender During European Vacation After Bud Light Controversy

Dylan Mulvaney, the actress, influencer, and activist who faced a backlash from right-wing consumers due to her collaboration with Bud Light earlier this year, is now sharing her European vacation experiences on Instagram. However, a recent post sparked controversy as it included a transgender joke about herself.

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Euro Trans Bus Picture Raises Eyebrows

During her European trip, Mulvaney posted a picture of a bus with “Euro Trans” written on it, and simply captioned it, “Me in Europe.” While the phrase seems to refer to a bus company or service, the context raised questions and concerns about the appropriateness of the joke.

Shifting Perspectives and Positive Vibes

Despite the previous Bud Light fiasco and the subsequent online hate, Mulvaney shared positive insights from her vacation. In Saint-Tropez, she posted about a shift in her life, expressing that “life feels hotter and real and sexy and fun.”

Mulvaney’s Rise to Fame and Pre-Bud Light Influence

Before the Bud Light controversy, Mulvaney gained fame for her Days of Girlhood video series on TikTok. She was already known for her stage performances, including the role of Elder White in the traveling production of The Book of Mormon.

Credits: DepositPhotos

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Reactions to the Transgender Joke

The recent transgender joke post has drawn mixed reactions from her followers. While some see it as harmless humor, others express concerns about sensitivity and respect for transgender issues.

Mulvaney’s Ongoing European Travels

Mulvaney has been sharing her travel experiences, from London to Saint-Tropez and Antibes in France. Her social media also shows possible connections with Dancing with the Stars’ Julianne Hough, who was in London around the same time.

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