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E. Jean Carroll’s Attorney Demolishes Trump’s Bid To Overturn Defamation Verdict

E. Jean Carroll’s legal team has countered Donald Trump’s contention that he was unjustly convicted in the defamation lawsuit she filed against him. 

Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s attorney, submitted a detailed court response on Tuesday, labeling Trump’s request to overturn the January verdict or to significantly reduce the $83.3 million in damages awarded to Carroll as “meritless.”

Carroll had earlier secured a $5 million judgment for defamation and sexual assault against Trump.

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In January, another jury ruled in favor of Carroll again, this time giving her a substantial $83.3 million damages award.

Kaplan’s filing emphasized the strength of Carroll’s case, noting that despite Trump’s brief testimony, the jury decisively favored Carroll. 

Kaplan argued that the high amount of damages were justified given Trump’s continuous defamation of Carroll, including instances during the trial where Trump vocally discredited Carroll’s testimony from the courtroom.

Kaplan referenced media coverage to illustrate Trump’s attacks against Carroll.

Credits: DepositPhotos

Furthermore, Kaplan highlighted an incident during the trial where Carroll’s legal team had to even complain about Trump’s disruptions from the public seating area, during the hearing.

The filing detailed the judge’s subsequent instruction to Trump to maintain a lower volume while conversing with his counsel to prevent the jury from overhearing his comments.

Kaplan’s comprehensive rebuttal aims to uphold the jury’s verdict and the consequential damages awarded to Carroll, firmly standing against Trump’s efforts to challenge the trial’s outcome.


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