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Eggs-traordinary Fun: Try These Kid-Approved Easter Crafts for a Hoppy Holiday

Easter is a time for celebration and creating memories with loved ones, and there’s no better way to do that than engaging in some fun and exciting crafts. This list of 15 delightful Easter crafts for kids will ensure they have a blast while also learning and creating unique keepsakes. So gather your art supplies, and let’s get crafting!

1.  Egg Carton Chicks:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Transform an ordinary egg carton into an adorable flock of chicks. Kids can paint each section of the carton a bright yellow, add googly eyes, and create beaks using small pieces of orange construction paper. These cute chicks can then be filled with treats for a fun Easter surprise.

2.  Handprint Bunny Art:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Capture the growth of little hands with this keepsake bunny art. Using non-toxic paint, kids can press their hands onto paper to create the body and head of the bunny. Add ears, whiskers, and a cute face with markers or colored pencils for a personalized Easter memento.

3.  Paper Plate Easter Baskets:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Kids can make their own Easter baskets with a simple paper plate. Cut, fold, and staple the plate to form a basket shape, then encourage your child to decorate the exterior with colorful markers, stickers, or tissue paper. Finally, add a handle using a strip of paper or ribbon for an eco-friendly Easter basket.

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4.  Easter Egg Slime:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Combine science and creativity with homemade Easter egg slime. Have your children mix ingredients like glue, baking soda, and food coloring in plastic Easter eggs to create stretchy, colorful slime. Not only will they have a blast making it, but it also makes a great Easter gift for friends.

5.  Salt Dough Easter Ornaments:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Whip up a batch of salt dough and have kids create Easter-themed ornaments. They can use cookie cutters to make egg, bunny, and chick shapes, and then paint and decorate their creations. These handmade ornaments are perfect for adorning an Easter tree or giving as gifts.

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6.  Easter Bunny Masks:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Fashion cute bunny masks using paper plates and some basic craft supplies. Kids can cut eye holes, paint the plate to resemble a bunny face, and then glue on cotton balls to create a fluffy texture. Add a popsicle stick to hold the mask, and the kids can hop around as Easter bunnies.

7.  Clothespin Bunnies:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Turn ordinary wooden clothespins into adorable bunnies by painting them in pastel colors and adding tiny pom-poms for tails. Attach pipe cleaner ears, googly eyes, and a felt or paper nose to complete the cute creatures. These bunnies can be used to clip Easter decorations or hold name cards for a festive meal.

8.  Eggshell Seed Planters:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Teach kids about the magic of growth by using empty eggshells as planters for small seeds. Let the children paint and decorate the eggshells, and then fill them with soil and seeds. Place the eggshell planters on a windowsill to watch the plants grow in the weeks leading up to Easter.

9.  Paper Mâché Easter Eggs:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Create stunning Easter eggs using paper mâché techniques. Kids can layer strips of colorful tissue paper and glue onto a balloon, covering the surface completely. Once dry, pop the balloon and fill the hollow egg with small treats for an Easter surprise that’s sure to delight.

10. Fingerprint Easter Egg Art:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Help kids make a unique piece of Easter art using their fingerprints. Have them dip their fingertips in different colors of paint and press them onto a piece of paper in the shape of an egg. The resulting design will make a cherished keepsake or gift for family members.

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11. Easter Egg Mosaic:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Encourage your child to create an Easter egg mosaic using small squares of colored paper. Have them glue the squares onto a paper egg template, creating a vibrant pattern or picture. This eye-catching art project can be displayed on the fridge or framed for a seasonal decoration.

12. Popsicle Stick Easter Puzzles:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Have your child paint popsicle sticks in various colors and Easter designs, then arrange them side by side to create a complete picture. When they’re done, mix up the sticks and challenge them to reassemble the image. This homemade puzzle is perfect for improving fine motor skills and concentration.

13. Sock Bunny Craft:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Transform a lonely sock into a charming Easter bunny with some simple sewing and stuffing. Kids can fill the sock with rice or stuffing, and then sew or tie it off to create the bunny’s body, head, and ears. Add a cute face with fabric markers or embroidery, and the sock bunny will be ready to hop into their hearts.

14. Stained Glass Easter Egg Suncatchers:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Make dazzling suncatchers to decorate windows during the Easter season. Kids can cut egg shapes from clear adhesive paper, and then place small pieces of colored tissue paper on the sticky surface to create a stained glass effect. Hang the finished suncatchers in the window to catch the sunlight and brighten up any room.

15. DIY Easter Egg Maracas:

Credits: DepositPhotos

Combine music and Easter fun with these eggcellent maracas. Have children fill empty plastic Easter eggs with rice, beans, or beads, and then tape or glue the eggs securely shut. Attach a plastic spoon to each egg as a handle, and encourage the kids to shake their homemade instruments to make a joyful Easter noise.

Fonal Thoughts

Credits: DepositPhotos

Easter is a wonderful time for crafting, and these 15 fun and unique Easter craft ideas are perfect for creating lasting memories with your children. As they engage in these enjoyable activities, they’ll not only be expressing their creativity but also developing valuable skills. So gather your supplies, roll up your sleeves, and enjoy the magic of Easter crafting together!


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