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Elementary School Surprise: Virginia 4th Graders Tackle ‘ABC Pride’ at Year-End Event

Breaking the Norm

Credit: DepositPhotos

Now, here’s something you don’t see every day! Picture this – you walk into your kid’s fourth-grade end-of-the-year event at an elementary school in Charlottesville, Virginia. What do you expect? A cute performance? A book reading? Well, you’re in for a surprise. The youngsters are reading a book titled ‘ABC Pride’ and the event has taken a pretty exciting turn!

The Unfolding Scene

An adorable little girl steps up to the microphone. She starts reciting what LGBTQ stands for – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer. In the video obtained by the Daily Signal, you can spot a man, possibly the school’s assistant principal, John Kronstain, leading a child away by the hand. You can almost hear the excitement in another girl’s voice as she says, “Cool! Now, let’s have a book about pride month.”

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The ‘ABC Pride’ Reading

Then, it’s storytime! A couple of little girls take turns reading from ‘ABC Pride’, a book that associates each letter of the alphabet with gay pride issues. “A is for acceptance, when you accept yourself and others for who you are.” “B is for belonging, when you feel you’re in the right place, surrounded by things and people you love,” they read. Louie Stowell, the author of this book, is a self-proclaimed “cis queer woman over 40” who’s voiced her belief on Twitter that kids’ books can’t “make you gay,” but even if they could, “so what?”

Behind the Scenes

Beth Cheuk, the overseer of community relations at Charlottesville City Schools, chimes in to explain the happenings. The kids, she tells us, were reading about LGBTQ acceptance as part of their “monthly schoolwide morning meeting celebrating the end of the school year.” Every month, teachers plan the morning program, often involving their students. And for the June meeting, the fourth graders were in charge!

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School’s Standpoint

Charlottesville City Schools are fully behind the leadership of Johnson Elementary School in creating these “crucial” experiences for students, Cheuk confirmed. Now, here’s where it gets sticky – parents weren’t informed about the event. Cheuk admits this oversight, stating, “We have not communicated with families every time we had a cultural observation as part of these morning meetings. However, we will do so moving forward.”

Your Thoughts?

So, what’s your take on this? Was the school right in involving kids in such an event? Or should parents have been in the loop? Chime in and let us know your thoughts!

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