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Elon Musk Refutes Claims of Starlink Sales to Russian Forces

Investigative journalists from Important Stories have uncovered allegations that Russian military forces are acquiring Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite communications devices through private sellers and employing them in occupied Ukraine, with connections reportedly routing through NATO-member Poland.

The Investigation’s Findings

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IStories journalists engaged with representatives from three Russian websites advertising Starlink devices.

Two confirmed their devices connect through Poland, while a third cited a vague “European country” as the point of connection.

Russian Military’s Starlink Use

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Ukrainian military intelligence and various Russian news sources have reported an uptick in Starlink terminal usage by Putin’s forces within Ukraine, with devices purportedly supplied via intermediaries in Dubai.

SpaceX’s Stance


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In response to inquiries, SpaceX refuted any business dealings with the Russian government or military, asserting Starlink’s non-operation in Russia and disavowing any third-party sales or distribution, particularly in Dubai.

Clarification on Starlink’s Operation

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SpaceX’s public statement emphasized the absence of authorized Starlink sales or shipments to Russia, dubbing any claims of such sales within Russia as fraudulent.

Musk’s Response to Allegations

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Elon Musk categorically denied selling Starlink terminals to Russia, reinforcing SpaceX’s commitment to non-engagement with sanctioned or unauthorized parties and pledging action against confirmed misuse.

Starlink’s Strategic Importance to Ukraine

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Starlink’s deployment in Ukraine has been lauded for providing critical internet services amid the Russian invasion, with Musk highlighting the system’s significant battlefield advantage for Ukrainian forces.

Controversy Over Starlink’s Use in Crimea

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Musk disclosed a refusal to activate Starlink services for a Ukrainian attack on Crimea, emphasizing his unwillingness to involve SpaceX in acts of war or conflict escalation.

Complexities of Modern Warfare

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The revelations about Starlink’s alleged use by Russian forces in occupied Ukraine underscore the complexities of modern warfare and the unintended roles of private technology firms in geopolitical conflicts.

With SpaceX denying any direct involvement, the situation highlights the challenges in controlling the use of globally available technologies in war zones.

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