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Energy Groups and Think Tanks Demand End to “Green New Deal-type Policies” on Inflation Reduction Act Anniversary

On the one-year anniversary of President Biden and the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), more than 40 energy groups and think tanks have come together to demand an end to what they consider “Green New Deal-type policies” included in the law that they believe benefit China more than the United States. The nonprofit organization Power the Future released a report titled “Where Green Meets Red: How the Environmental Agenda is Making America Dependent on China,” which targets Biden’s green energy policies and the IRA.

These energy groups and think tanks, including Power the Future, signed a letter addressed to Congress, asserting that the IRA contains “harmful energy and environmental provisions” and urging legislators to counter the law with “policy riders in appropriation bills and Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions of disapproval.”

The founder and executive director of Power the Future, Daniel Turner, points out that the green handouts contained in the IRA could potentially benefit Chinese companies due to China’s dominance in rare earth metals. Critics of the IRA claim that it results in a financial windfall for the Chinese communist party, as American tax dollars are allegedly being used to support Chinese industries.

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The letter to Congress, spearheaded by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), argues that the IRA’s provisions could have damaging effects on energy production and usage in the United States. It expresses concerns about the government’s attempts to shift towards unreliable energy sources and to dictate choices such as electric vehicles (EVs) without considering consumers’ preferences or national security implications.

These groups also criticize the IRA for undermining gas-powered vehicles and reliable energy sources, and they emphasize the potential infringement on individual freedom and consumer interests. The letter calls for a reevaluation and dismantling of the policies contained within the IRA.

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Senator Joe Manchin, who has been involved with the IRA, released a statement asserting that the law is about achieving energy security and empowering both fossil fuels and renewables. He criticized efforts to transform the IRA into a “radical climate agenda,” emphasizing the importance of putting American and West Virginian interests first.

As debates around energy policy and environmental agendas continue, these groups and think tanks are pushing for a reconsideration of the IRA’s provisions and their potential impacts on the country’s energy landscape.

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