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Energy Groups and Think Tanks Demand End to “Green New Deal-type Policies”

More than 40 energy groups and think tanks are calling for an end to “Green New Deal-type policies” included in President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Power the Future Report Targets Biden’s Green Energy Policies

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A report titled “Where Green Meets Red: How the Environmental Agenda is Making America Dependent on China” released by Power the Future criticizes Biden’s green energy policies and the IRA.

Energy Groups and Think Tanks Sign Letter to Congress

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Energy groups and think tanks, including Power the Future, signed a letter to Congress, urging legislators to counter the harmful energy and environmental provisions in the IRA.

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Concerns Over China’s Dominance in Rare Earth Metals

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Daniel Turner, founder of Power the Future, points out that the green handouts in the IRA could potentially benefit Chinese companies due to China’s dominance in rare earth metals.

Allegations of Financial Windfall for Chinese Communist Party

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Critics claim that the IRA results in a financial windfall for the Chinese communist party, as American tax dollars allegedly support Chinese industries.

IRA’s Potential Damaging Effects on Energy Production and Usage

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The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), spearheading the letter to Congress, argues that the IRA’s provisions could have damaging effects on energy production and usage in the United States.

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Government Shift towards Unreliable Energy Sources

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Critics express concerns about the government’s attempts to shift towards unreliable energy sources without considering consumer preferences or national security implications.

Criticism of IRA’s Impact on Gas-Powered Vehicles and Reliable Energy Sources

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The IRA is criticized for undermining gas-powered vehicles and reliable energy sources, potentially infringing on individual freedom and consumer interests.

Call for Reevaluation and Dismantling of IRA Policies

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The letter to Congress calls for a reevaluation and dismantling of the policies contained within the IRA, highlighting their potential negative impacts.

Senator Joe Manchin Defends IRA’s Intentions

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Senator Joe Manchin defends the IRA, emphasizing its goal of achieving energy security and empowering both fossil fuels and renewables.

Opposition to Turning IRA into a “Radical Climate Agenda”

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Manchin criticizes efforts to transform the IRA into a “radical climate agenda,” advocating for prioritizing American and West Virginian interests.

Push for Reconsideration of IRA’s Provisions

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Energy groups and think tanks are pushing for a reconsideration of the IRA’s provisions and their potential impacts on the country’s energy landscape.

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Donald Trump’s Greatest Hits: 15 Things He Accomplished as President

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Biden Acknowledges Inflation Reduction Acts Economic Focus

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President Biden has recognized the presence of inflation and is actively directing efforts toward its reduction. Strategies encompass enhancing supply chain robustness, fostering competition, and targeted investments in key economic sectors. These measures exemplify Biden’s commitment to simultaneously stimulating economic recovery and curtailing inflationary pressures.

Latest Updates on Trump-Related Investigations

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Current insights into investigations linked to former President Trump. What are the ongoing legal proceedings, including financial scrutiny and potential charges? This article offers a comprehensive view of the status and implications of these investigations.

House Oversight GOP Asserts Corruption in Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings Without Direct Evidence of Payments to Joe Biden

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House Oversight Republicans have adopted a new strategy to accuse President Joe Biden of corruption in relation to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, even in the absence of direct evidence showing that Joe Biden financially benefited from those dealings.


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