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Escape The Shackles: A Redditor’s Battle Against Their Mother’s Controlling Obsession With Weight And Diet

In a heartfelt post on the r/relationships subreddit, a user opens up about the relentless obsession their mother has with their weight and diet. Seeking advice from the community, the Redditor shares the strained dynamic they have with their mother and the toll it is taking on their mental well-being.

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A Mother’s Fixation on Weight

The user details how their mother’s obsession with weight has been a long-standing issue in their relationship. From a young age, the mother has made consistent comments about their weight, often criticizing and shaming them for their size. Despite expressing their discomfort, the mother has continued to belittle them, causing significant emotional distress.

Pressure to Comply with a Strict Diet

Additionally, the user explains how their mother enforces a strict and restrictive diet regimen upon them. This includes constant monitoring of their food intake and imposing a series of rules, restrictions, and even punishments for perceived dietary violations. The user reveals feeling trapped and controlled by these measures, leading to a negative impact on their mental health and overall well-being.

Emotional Toll and Seeking Support

Acknowledging the emotional toll this situation has taken on their mental health, the Redditor describes the harmful effects of their mother’s relentless fixation on weight and diet. The struggle with body image and self-esteem exacerbates feelings of anxiety and depression. In search of advice and support, the user reaches out to the r/relationships community for help in navigating this challenging situation.

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Community Shares Empathy and Suggestions

The Reddit community responds with an outpouring of empathy and understanding for the user. Many share similar experiences and provide their insights and suggestions on dealing with a parent’s obsession with weight and diet. The suggestions range from seeking professional therapy and setting boundaries with the mother to gaining financial independence to escape the toxic environment if necessary.

Final Call to Action

As the post concludes, the Redditor expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support received from the r/relationships community. They vow to take the advice onboard and work towards asserting their independence and prioritizing their mental well-being. The story sheds light on the importance of seeking help and finding ways to confront toxic relationships, even when they involve family members.


The heartfelt post on r/relationships brings attention to the damaging impact of a parent’s obsession over a child’s weight and diet. It emphasizes the need for support, understanding, and guidance to address such toxic dynamics.

Through the empathy and suggestions from the Reddit community, the Redditor gains strength and resolve to prioritize their mental well-being and seek positive change in their relationship with their mother.

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