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Experts Highlight Concerns on Violence Against Judges Following Las Vegas Courtroom Attack

Experts are raising concerns about growing violence against U.S. judges. This comes in reaction to the assault on a Nevada judge after she denied a defendant probation.

Viral Video of Courtroom Attack

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A video from FOX 5 Las Vegas shows Deobra Redden attacking Judge Mary Kay Holthus in court. The footage has gone viral on social media.

Trend of Lawlessness and Lack of Accountability

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Kevin Ellmann, a former Colorado DA, spoke to Fox News Digital about the rise in lawlessness. He pointed out the regular occurrence of violent behaviors and the absence of accountability.

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Effect of Bond Reform and Prosecution Policies

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Ellmann noted that bond reforms and prosecution policies contribute to such actions. He emphasized the need for accountability in these situations.

Need for Greater Protections for Judges

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The attack on Judge Holthus highlighted the need for more protection for judges. Ellmann cited recent threats and protests outside judges’ homes as part of this trend.

Examples of Attacks and Threats Against Judges

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Ellmann referenced an armed break-in at the Colorado Supreme Court building. He stressed the importance of holding perpetrators accountable for attacks on the justice system.

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Pattern of Assaults on Judges

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The assault on Judge Holthus follows a series of attacks on judges in recent years. A similar incident occurred in 2021 with Judge Aubrey Rimes in Mississippi.

Comments by Retired Lt. Randy Sutton

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Retired Lt. Randy Sutton spoke about the rarity of courtroom assaults. He mentioned that judges face threats and attacks outside the courtroom, including at their homes.

Lack of Consequences Fueling Crimes

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Sutton highlighted the perceived lack of consequences for threats and violence. He pointed out the lack of prosecutions for threats against Supreme Court justices.

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Rising Threats Against Judges in 2022

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The U.S. Marshals Service recorded about 4,500 threats against judges in 2022. Occasionally, these threats escalate to plots to kill judges.

Murder of Judge Andrew Wilkinson

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In a tragic incident, Judge Andrew Wilkinson was murdered in Maryland. Suspect Pedro Argote was involved in the case over which Wilkinson had presided.

Other High-Profile Cases of Violence Against Judges

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Other cases include the killing of retired Judge John Roemer in Wisconsin. In 2020, Judge Esther Salas’ son was fatally shot in a racially motivated attack targeting her.

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