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Explosive Success: ‘Sound of Freedom’ Surpasses $40M and Beats ‘Indy 5’ in Per-Screen Average

In a stunning turn of events, ‘Sound of Freedom’ has soared past the $40 million mark at the box office, outperforming the highly anticipated ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’ in terms of per-screen average. As audiences flock to theaters, this gripping film based on the issue of child sex trafficking has struck a chord, while Disney’s latest installment in the Indiana Jones franchise faces financial woes. Get ready to dive into the details of this incredible success story.

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‘Sound of Freedom’ Leaves Its Mark

After a mere six days in theaters, ‘Sound of Freedom’ has raked in an impressive $40.2 million at the box office. Not only that, it boasted a per-screen average of $6,388, surpassing the $5,760 per-screen average of ‘Dial of Destiny.’

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A Tale of Theater Numbers

While ‘Dial of Destiny’ may have secured second place with a weekend gross of $26.5 million, it is ‘Sound of Freedom’ that has been packing theaters with its powerful story. Despite being shown in fewer theaters (2,852 compared to ‘Dial of Destiny’s 4,600), ‘Sound of Freedom’ has managed to captivate audiences and generate substantial revenue.

Profitability and Potential

Unlike Disney’s ‘Dial of Destiny,’ which is on track to face significant financial losses, ‘Sound of Freedom’ has already become profitable. With a modest budget of $14.5 million, this film started earning millions once it crossed the $25 to $30 million mark. The future looks bright as positive word-of-mouth spreads and home media sales are expected to soar.

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Outperforming Best Picture Nominees

In just six days, ‘Sound of Freedom’ has surpassed the domestic earnings of several 2023 Best Picture nominees. Films like ‘Women Talking,’ ‘Tár,’ ‘Triangle of Sadness,’ and ‘The Banshees of Inisherin’ fell short in comparison. Despite the Oscar buzz and media hype, these films failed to ignite audience interest, while ‘Sound of Freedom’ continues to resonate.

The Secret Sauce of Success

‘Sound of Freedom’ succeeded by following a formula that Hollywood often neglects. It tackled a compelling issue that resonates with audiences—child sex trafficking—and wove in a dramatic theme with broad appeal—Christianity. By entertaining without preaching or scolding, this film struck the perfect balance and struck a chord with moviegoers.

Disney’s Misstep with Indiana Jones

Disney’s attempt to emasculate Indiana Jones has backfired, and the consequences are dire. The studio is projected to suffer losses of hundreds of millions of dollars due to the film’s failure to meet fans’ expectations. In contrast, ‘Sound of Freedom’ resonates with audiences who yearn to witness the triumph of good over evil and the rescue of innocent children.

A Lesson for Hollywood

While Disney and Hollywood at large remain entangled in their snobby bigotry and deviant fetishes, ‘Sound of Freedom’ stands as a testament to the power of delivering what audiences truly desire. As the real world unfolds, it becomes evident that success lies in meeting the demands of the public. The failure of Disney’s films has become a captivating spectacle, far more entertaining than their lackluster offerings.

Watch the ‘Sound of Freedom’ Official Trailer

Prepare to be moved by the powerful trailer of ‘Sound of Freedom,’ a film that dares to shine a light on the dark reality of child sex trafficking. Witness the bravery and determination of those who fight to rescue innocent lives. 

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