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Fani Willis Faces Countersuit and Subpoena in Trump Litigation Over Allegations of Misconduct

Attorney Ashleigh Merchant is countersuing Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, accusing her of failing to provide defense documents and intentionally withholding information, violating state law.

Subpoena for Willis

Detail Of A Subpoena For A Criminal Court Case With Glasses And A Pen

Fani Willis has been subpoenaed to testify at a hearing on February 15, where she will address allegations made by Merchant regarding document withholding in a high-profile election racketeering case.

The Defendants

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Michael Roman, a GOP strategist and defendant in the case, along with former President Donald Trump and 13 others, are accused of violating Georgia’s RICO Act by challenging the 2020 election results.

Accusations Against Willis

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Roman alleges that District Attorney Willis misused public funds, hiring an attorney she had a romantic relationship with, which led to “lavish” vacations funded by nearly $700,000 from her office.

Motion to Dismiss

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Roman seeks to dismiss the indictment and disqualify Willis and Nathan Wade, the hired prosecutor, citing compromised integrity due to the alleged misconduct.

Relationship Scrutiny

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The nature of Willis’s relationship with Wade, amidst Wade’s contentious divorce proceedings, raises concerns about the misuse of public funds for personal gain.

Open Records Act Violation

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Merchant claims Willis’s office has refused to provide crucial information under Georgia’s Open Records Act, hindering the defense of Michael Roman.

Media Tracking Contracts

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The lawsuit seeks information on payments to third-party media companies hired to monitor the public perception of Willis’s statements, implying misuse of taxpayer funds.

Unfulfilled Document Requests

Despite multiple follow-ups, Merchant’s requests for documents related to the case and the hiring of specific contractors and attorneys remain unanswered.

Judicial Watch Involvement

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Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit against the district attorney for documents regarding Nathan Wade’s hiring, highlighting concerns over Willis’s prosecution tactics.

Potential Legislative Action

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Georgia lawmakers are considering an oversight panel that could remove prosecutors for misconduct, and there’s talk of impeaching Willis amidst the controversy.

Case Impact and Deadlines

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The allegations against Willis have cast a shadow over the election case, with a Fulton County Superior Court judge setting a February 2 deadline for Willis to respond to Roman’s motion to dismiss.

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