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FBI Investigates Illinois Mayor After Meeting with President Biden

The mayor of Dolton, Illinois, Tiffany Henyard, finds herself under scrutiny as the FBI conducts a corruption investigation, revealed in a report on Tuesday.

Corruption Allegations

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Despite recently meeting with President Joe Biden in Washington, the mayor’s activities have drawn attention from federal agents amidst ongoing corruption allegations.

Meeting with Biden Unrelated to Probe

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Although Mayor Henyard’s recent meeting with President Biden doesn’t seem directly linked to the investigation, her interactions with federal authorities have intensified following years of corruption accusations, as reported by WFLD-TV in Chicago.

Focus of FBI Probe

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According to sources, Mayor Henyard is reportedly the focal point of the FBI’s investigation, with agents conducting interviews with potential witnesses in preparation for possible charges stemming from the probe.

Origins of Investigation

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The FBI’s inquiry allegedly commenced after a Dolton business proprietor filed a complaint, citing harassment by local law enforcement and the non-renewal of his business license.

Extortion Attempts

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Lawrence Gardner, owner of a U-Haul franchise, asserted that his business suffered repercussions after declining to contribute to an event endorsed by the mayor.

Allegations of Retaliation

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Gardner claimed that his refusal to donate led to adverse actions against his business, including police raids and the revocation of his business license.

Seeking Recourse

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These allegations prompted him to seek recourse with the FBI, presenting evidence and detailing the events to agents.

Cooperation with Federal Authorities

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In his interactions with the FBI, Gardner asserted the severity of his grievances and provided documentation to support his claims.

He expressed satisfaction with the agents’ receptiveness and their commitment to investigating the matter thoroughly.

Testimony from Other Individuals

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Additionally, six other individuals disclosed to WFLD that they had been approached by FBI agents regarding Mayor Henyard.

Their testimonies further underscore the depth of the federal investigation into alleged misconduct within the Dolton administration.

Mayor’s Social Media Presence

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Despite the ongoing scrutiny, Mayor Henyard maintained an active social media presence, recently sharing a video from her visit to the White House in January, where she met with President Biden.

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