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FBI Probes ‘Worst Mayor in America’ Tiffany Henyard for Corruption in Chicago

In the Chicago suburb of Dolton, the FBI has intensified scrutiny of Mayor Tiffany Henyard, who has been embroiled in multiple allegations of corruption. 

On Friday, federal agents served subpoenas linked to the ongoing investigation into the mayor’s conduct.

At approximately 2:30 p.m. on Friday, FBI agents visited the village of Dolton, delivering two significant subpoenas. 

This federal action marks a critical escalation in the investigation surrounding Mayor Henyard, dubbed the “worst mayor in America” by some due to her controversial actions and policies.

The first subpoena requested a broad range of documents, including employment records, personnel files, and disciplinary reports for 25 municipal employees. 

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This list includes three police officers and Keith Freeman, Dolton’s village administrator and Henyard’s top aide, who was recently charged with bankruptcy fraud. 

The second subpoena specifically targeted Freeman, demanding records related to any companies he might be associated with that have connections to the village.

Burt Odelson, Legislative Counsel for the Village of Dolton Board of Trustees, expressed his perspective on the developments, remarking, “The House of Cards are collapsing. I think the government is taking action.” 

This sentiment reflects the growing concern among local officials regarding the administration’s integrity.

Mayor Henyard has been under fire for various issues, including lavish spending with taxpayer money in Las Vegas and an alleged cover-up of a sexual assault by one of her allies during the same trip. 

Critics accuse her of using her position for personal gain and mismanaging village resources.

This isn’t the first hint of federal interest in Henyard’s administration. 

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Credit: DepositPhotos – KYIV, UKRAINE – MARCH 9, 2024 US FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation badge on United States of America flag close up — Photo by Mehaniq

Reports from February indicated that the FBI was already probing allegations of misconduct after interviews with several business owners, public officials, and a former village employee.

Dolton trustee Tammie Brown shared her relief regarding the FBI’s involvement, indicating that the community has long sought a thorough investigation into the mayor’s actions, echoing a sentiment of frustration over the ongoing issues.

In response to the growing scandal, the Village of Dolton has enlisted former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot as a Special Investigator. 

Lightfoot is tasked with examining Henyard’s financial management and potential legal violations, drawing on her experience at the helm of Chicago’s city government.

Despite the accusations and the community’s backlash, Mayor Henyard has remained defiant. 

She has criticized her detractors and invoked racial politics in her defense, asserting that her position as a powerful Black woman has made her a target.

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Henyard’s lifestyle, which reportedly includes a high salary and frequent personal expenditures, stands in stark contrast to the median income of Dolton’s residents. 

This disparity has fueled further discontent among the populace.

As this situation unfolds, the controversies surrounding Mayor Henyard suggest a turbulent chapter in Dolton’s history. 

With federal agents stepping in, the community watches closely, hoping for resolution and accountability in the face of alleged corruption.