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Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Abbott’s Operation Lone Star

A lawsuit brought forth by a group of male illegal immigrants against Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star has been dismissed by a federal judge, marking a significant legal victory for the state’s immigration enforcement efforts.

Abbott’s Operation Lone Star

Juarez, Mexico, 12-21-2022: Texan National Guard places wire and barbed wire on the banks of the Rio Grande to prevent migrants from crossing into the United States to request humanitarian asylum.

Operation Lone Star, launched by Governor Abbott in March 2021, aimed to combat illegal immigration and curb drug smuggling activities along the Texas-Mexico border.

It involved collaboration between the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard.

Basis of Lawsuit

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Fifteen illegal immigrants filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court, alleging violations of their constitutional rights under the 4th, 6th, and 14th Amendments due to Operation Lone Star’s enforcement actions.

Dismissal by Federal Judge

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Federal Judge Robert Pitman, appointed by President Obama, dismissed the case, stating that the plaintiffs failed to provide sufficient evidence of constitutional rights violations attributable to the operation.

Case Dismissed

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Judge Pitman ruled that the plaintiffs’ claims lacked merit, emphasizing the absence of specific evidence demonstrating how Operation Lone Star infringed upon their constitutional rights.

Judge’s Ruling

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“The facts alleged in the complaint reflect that Plaintiffs were arrested on probable cause that they violated Texas’s criminal trespass statute and, even if accepted as true, cannot show that they were arrested ‘solely’ on account of their perceived immigration status,” read the judgment.

Legal Assistance from IRLI

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Governor Abbott received legal support from the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), which argued in an amicus brief that the detention of illegal immigrants did not violate their constitutional rights.

IRLI’s Argument

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According to IRLI, the illegal immigrants were arrested for violating Texas state laws, particularly the criminal trespass statute, rather than solely based on their immigration status.

IRLI’s Response to Dismissal

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Dale Wilcox, executive director of IRLI, expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision, highlighting the importance of enforcing state laws to address the surge in property crimes resulting from the federal government’s failure to secure the border.

Free Rein To Commit Crime

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Wilcox concluded, “If the plaintiffs were right in their claims, not only would illegal aliens have free rein to enter and remain in Texas and the U.S., but free rein to commit crimes without consequence. We are pleased the court saw the legal baselessness of this suit and dismissed it.”

Implications of the Dismissal

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The dismissal of the lawsuit signifies a legal setback for illegal immigrants challenging Texas’s immigration enforcement measures, affirming the state’s authority to address border security concerns within its jurisdiction.

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