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Federal Judge Dismisses Trump’s $475 Million CNN Defamation Lawsuit

Former President Donald Trump’s Lawsuit

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Trump sued CNN for defamation over their use of “the Big Lie” to describe his 2020 election claims.

Trump’s Allegations

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Accused CNN of covertly comparing him and his supporters to Nazis.

Pointed out instances of CNN correspondents seemingly comparing him to Hitler.

Historical Association

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“The Big Lie” phrase has historical associations with Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.

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Judge’s Ruling

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U.S. District Judge Raag Singhal, a Trump appointee, ruled against Trump’s reasoning.

Use of Nazi allusions in modern discourse is offensive but not defamation if not false statements of fact.

Defamation Criteria Not Met

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Judge Singhal stated that CNN’s use of “the Big Lie” does not imply Trump advocates persecution or genocide.

Trump’s Damages Request Denied

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The court denied Trump’s request for $475 million in damages.

CNN’s use of the phrase didn’t meet the threshold for defamation.

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Reasoning Behind Ruling

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No reasonable viewer would conclude that Trump supported heinous acts based on CNN’s language.

Impact on CNN

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Despite the lawsuit, CNN can see this dismissal as a legal victory against the former president.

Scrutiny and Challenges

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The lawsuit adds to the scrutiny faced by CNN in recent times.

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 CNN’s Legal Battles

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The network continues to face legal challenges, but this dismissal is a positive outcome for CNN.


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Federal judge’s dismissal of Trump’s defamation lawsuit marks the end of the legal battle with CNN.

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