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Federal Judge Questions Elon Musk’s Motives

A federal judge has doubts about whether Elon Musk’s intention was to foster a closer relationship with Donald Trump by delaying Twitter’s response to a search warrant.

Investigation into Election Allegations

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The controversy arises from an investigation into claims that Trump tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election, with Special Counsel Jack Smith securing a search warrant for Trump’s personal Twitter account.

News of the Search Warrant Goes Public

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Although the news about the search warrant became public on August 9, the specific data targeted by Smith and his team remained undisclosed.

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Judge Howell’s Inquiry

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US District Judge Beryl Howell expressed skepticism during the hearing, questioning Twitter’s lawyer about the necessity of informing Trump about the warrant, which is not typical in such cases.

Suspicions of Favor-Currying

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Judge Howell raised suspicions, asking if Twitter’s insistence on notifying Trump was motivated by a desire to curry favor with the former president.

Questioning Twitter’s Intentions

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Judge Howell further probed whether Twitter’s efforts to notify Trump were meant to make him feel particularly welcomed and valued as a renewed user of the platform.

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Twitter’s Defense

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Twitter’s legal team maintained that their actions were driven by a commitment to defend their constitutional rights.

Fine Imposed on Twitter

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Due to the delay in compliance with the warrant, Judge Howell imposed a fine of $350,000 on Twitter.

Prosecutors Obtain Information

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Despite the delay, prosecutors managed to obtain various pieces of information, including direct messages associated with the account and device connections.

Trump’s Twitter Ban

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Trump, who was formerly an active Twitter user, was banned from the platform following the January 6 insurrection in January 2021.

Twitter Account Reinstated

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Elon Musk’s acquisition of the platform led to Trump’s Twitter account being reinstated in November 2022.

Trump’s Exclusive Use of Truth Social

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Following his reinstatement, Trump now exclusively uses Truth Social, a social media platform established by a media and tech company he founded.

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