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Female Athletes Speak Out: Trans Athletes Cost Us Our Victories, Scholarships, and Opportunities

Once seen as a pathway to college and a promising career, athletics has turned into a battleground for four female track athletes in Connecticut. They contend that trans athletes have taken away their victories, diminished their opportunities, and even put their futures at risk.

Record-Breaking or Record Taking?

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These athletes insist that their records, once a testament to their skills and hard work, have been tarnished by the competition. Since 2017, two biological male athletes have competed in girls’ high school track, resulting in 17 broken records and 15 state championship titles, previously held by female athletes.

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Denied Opportunities, Broken Dreams

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Among the four — Selina Soule, Chelsea Mitchell, Alanna Smith, and Ashley Nicoletti — are stories of disappointment and a sense of injustice. Chelsea, for instance, lost her rightful title as the fastest female in a women’s state championship race four times to a biological male competitor.

Taking a Stand

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Unwilling to let their dreams be sidelined, these athletes filed a lawsuit against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), alleging that its policy of allowing biological male competitors infringes on their Title IX rights. They argue that athletic records, which matter greatly for female athletes, are crucial for preserving women’s achievements and the future of women’s sports.

Seeking Support, Upholding Equality

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Their case has gained traction, with dozens of female athletes — including Olympians and champions — filing a brief in support. These athletes decry the perceived unfairness of allowing biological males to compete in and dominate women’s sports. The court heard their case on June 6, pushing for protection of women’s sports.

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The Battle for Fairness Continues

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The four athletes maintain that their suit is more than just about lost titles and tarnished records; it’s about fairness in women’s sports and the impact on future opportunities. The fight continues as they await the court’s decision and urge the CIAC to amend its policy.

In the end, their argument stands on the belief that a female athlete deserves an accurate representation of her achievements and a fair chance to prove her worth on the track, for the sake of her pride, sense of accomplishment, and future opportunities.

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