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Florida GOP Chair Rape Probe: Disturbing Allegations and Investigation Unveiled

New details have emerged regarding the sexual assault allegations against Florida GOP chairman Christian Ziegler. According to court documents, the woman accusing Ziegler revealed that he had shown up at her home uninvited after she had canceled their plans.

The Sarasota police are currently investigating Ziegler for the alleged rape, which took place on October 2nd. Two days later, a police report was filed.

Sources mentioned by a reputable news platform, disclosed that the woman claimed to have been involved in a consensual three-way sexual relationship with the Zieglers for a period of three years.

A search warrant affidavit shed further light on this relationship. According to another reputable news source, who obtained the affidavit, the woman stated that she had initially planned to engage in sexual activities with the Zieglers on October 2nd.

However, she ultimately backed out after Bridget Ziegler was unable to attend, sending a text that read, “Sorry I was mostly in for her.”

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The woman alleges that shortly after she decided to leave her apartment, Christian Ziegler appeared in the hallway outside her door. The affidavit claims that he entered the apartment, forcibly bent her over a bar stool, and raped her.

Detectives began monitoring Ziegler’s calls and messages to the accuser several weeks later. One of the messages sent via Instagram, with automatically erasing vanish mode enabled, said, “Where r u? Wanna meet and chat? Worried about you. You are my friend.” Her response was a clear indication of fear and refusal, stating, “Hell no not after what you did to me. Do you not understand I am terrified of you?”

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A search warrant was executed on Ziegler’s cellphone, with allegations that he had secretly recorded his encounters with the woman and his wife. The woman confided in a coworker, expressing her fear of leaving her home after the incident, and this coworker made a distressing 911 call requesting a welfare check.

The call, obtained by FLCGA, provided insight into the aftermath of the alleged abuse, stating that the woman was scared that her rapist had come to her house.

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These accusations have sparked controversy within the Sarasota community, where the Zieglers are prominent figures in MAGA politics.

Calls for their resignation from public positions have begun, with Bridget Ziegler being a member of the Sarasota County School Board and known for her support of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ “Don’t Say Gay” bill. DeSantis himself, while acknowledging his friendship with the Zieglers, has stated that Christian Ziegler should resign amidst the ongoing investigation.

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Christian Ziegler has not been charged with any crime. His lawyer, Derek Byrd, emphasized that his client has been fully cooperative with the authorities. Byrd also cautioned against rushing to judgment before the investigation concludes, noting that false accusations against public figures are unfortunately common.

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Local activists have expressed concern for Ziegler’s accuser, while also criticizing the Zieglers for their alleged hypocrisy. Paulina Testerman, a co-founder of Support Our Schools, a nonprofit organization advocating for public education, hopes that the Zieglers’ influence in the county will come to an end.

Testerman stated that while it might be satisfying to see bullies face consequences, the focus should be on the multiple victims involved, including marginalized children affected by the Zieglers and their alleged harmful actions.

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