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Florida Inmate James Phillip Barnes Chooses to Forgo Last Meal Before Execution

James Phillip Barnes, a Florida death row inmate convicted of the brutal 1988 killing of nurse Patricia “Patsy” Miller, has declined to request a last meal before his scheduled execution. Barnes, who was already serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife, Linda Barnes, confessed to the nurse’s killing. The execution by lethal injection is set to take place at the Florida State Prison in Starke at 6 p.m. local time.

The Decision to Forgo Last Meal:

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Barnes chose not to have a last meal before his execution. Inmates on death row have the option to request a last meal, which is limited to a purchase cost of no more than $40 and is typically prepared locally.

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The Gruesome Crime:

James Phillip Barnes sexually assaulted and brutally beat nurse Patricia Miller with a hammer, setting her bed on fire in her Melbourne, Florida, condominium. In court, he confessed to raping her twice before committing the heinous murder. Prior to her killing, Miller had some negative interactions with Barnes.

Background of Other Crimes:

Apart from Miller’s murder, Barnes had previously killed his wife, Linda Barnes, in 1997, after she discovered his involvement in drug dealing. He strangled her to death and concealed her body in a closet. Although he has claimed to have committed at least two other murders, he has not faced charges in those cases.

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Claim of Conversion and Remorse:

In a jailhouse interview with German film director Werner Herzog, Barnes asserted that he had converted to Islam and wanted to cleanse his conscience about the Miller case during the holy month of Ramadan. He expressed frustration with the belief that he was remorseless, stating that he does feel remorse for his actions.


James Phillip Barnes, a death row inmate in Florida, has chosen not to have a last meal before his scheduled execution. He will face lethal injection for the brutal murder of nurse Patricia Miller. With his confession and multiple crimes, Barnes leaves behind a legacy of violence and remorse, while the families of his victims grapple with the impact of his heinous actions.

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