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Florida Judge’s Ruling Forces Gay Nude Resort to Allow Women, Sparking Debate

A recent ruling by a judge in Florida has generated controversy as it mandates a gay and bisexual men’s nude resort to admit women. The decision comes after a lawsuit filed by Amina Chaudhry, who was denied a reservation at the New Orleans House in Key West due to its policy of exclusively allowing “adult males 18 years of age or over.”

While the judge’s ruling is not binding, it has sparked discussions about discrimination, privacy rights, and the potential implications for other businesses.

The Legal Battle:

Amina Chaudhry’s lawsuit against the New Orleans House initially faced a setback when the Commission on Human Relations ruled in favor of the resort, finding no reasonable cause for discrimination. However, Chaudhry appealed the decision, and Administrative Law Judge Brittany Finkbeiner overturned the previous ruling.

Judge Finkbeiner recommended that the Florida Commission on Human Relations consider the case as an instance of unlawful discrimination.

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Arguments for Inclusion and Equality:

Supporters of the ruling highlight the importance of equal access to public accommodations and view it as a step toward preventing discrimination. Chaudhry and her advocates argue that allowing the resort to exclude specific genders could set a dangerous precedent, potentially enabling other establishments to discriminate against transgender individuals.

They see the ruling as a victory for inclusivity and equal treatment under the law.

Privacy Concerns and Resort Policies:

The New Orleans House defended its policy, stating that while everyone is welcome at the resort, certain areas designated as “clothing optional” are restricted to men. The resort’s attorney, Russell Cormican, argued that the ruling disregarded the establishment’s privacy rights.

He emphasized that the resort caters to guests seeking a male-only, clothing-optional environment and that admitting women would infringe upon the preferences and expectations of their clientele.

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Debate over Implications:

The ruling’s potential implications and its broader impact on businesses have sparked heated discussions. Supporters argue that it sets a precedent against discrimination, while critics express concerns about privacy rights and the potential erosion of specific spaces designated for certain genders.

The debate raises questions about the balance between individual rights, inclusivity, and the limits of discrimination laws.


The Florida judge’s ruling, which requires a gay nude resort to admit women, has ignited a contentious debate surrounding discrimination, privacy rights, and equal access to public accommodations. While proponents celebrate the decision as a victory for inclusivity, critics express concerns about the erosion of privacy and the potential consequences for businesses catering to specific preferences.

As the case continues to unfold, it serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges in navigating issues of discrimination and equality.

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