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Florida Rejects $320 Million in Federal Emission Reduction Funds Over Climate Concerns

Amidst several recent incidents of politicization of things like Disney Land and school libraries, Florida has decided not to accept a significant inflow of federal funds, claiming that it is politicized due to its climate change related origins.

Sunshine State Rejects $320 Million in Federal Funds

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State officials in Florida made the decision to turn down the substantial influx of $320 million in federal dollars.

The funds were intended for infrastructure and emissions initiatives.

Jared Perdue’s Bold Move

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Florida authorities are asserting that the funds were politicized due to their focus on addressing climate change.

Jared Perdue, the Secretary of Florida’s Department of Transportation, communicated the state’s refusal of the funds to the agency’s federal counterpart in November.

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Carbon Reduction Strategy No Longer on FDOT’s Website

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Notably, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) discreetly removed a “Carbon Reduction Strategy.”

This was a prerequisite for accessing federal dollars, from its website.

Rejection of Federal Funds, Citing Roadway Politicization

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In a letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Perdue echoed the language previously used by Governor Ron DeSantis.

He called it the state’s rejection of “the continued politicization of our roadways,” as reported in.

“Politicize the Weather”

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Governor DeSantis had earlier characterized climate change as a left-wing attempt to “politicize the weather,” as reported by The New York Times.

Intriguingly, Florida is the only state to decline these funds.

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Kathy Castor’s Social Media Slam

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Democratic Representative Kathy Castor took to social media to denounce the move. She drew a parallel between Governor DeSantis and the infamous Dr. Seuss character, The Grinch, known for stealing Christmas presents from Whoville locals.

DeSantis vs. The Grinch

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On social media, Castor, representing Tampa, expressed, “You’re a mean one, Gov. DeSantis,” adding that he was, “once again, pickpocketing Floridians of millions of infrastructure dollars, and for what? This foolishness is fiscally irresponsible, and it’s costing Florida families and businesses a whole lot.” Castor even attached a GIF featuring the green-skinned, red-eyed Grinch to emphasize her point.

$14.5 Billion for Florida’s Transportation Future

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In a press release dated December 5, the FDOT announced a budget proposal of $14.5 billion for transportation projects over the next fiscal year, as put forth by Governor DeSantis. The release acknowledged that “many states rely heavily on the federal government to fund their transportation infrastructure needs.”

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Florida Stands Alone

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However, it underscored that Florida was an exception due to the “continued politicization of transportation funding being pushed by the Biden Administration.” It remains to be seen how voters will react to these moves by the Florida state authorities.



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