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Former Belgian Senator Exposed as Chinese Spy

Former Belgian senator Frank Creyelman was exposed as a Chinese spy, allegedly working covertly to influence European policy in favor of Beijing for over three years.

The report, a result of a joint investigation by prominent European media outlets, including Financial Times, Der Spiegel, and Le Monde, exposed alleged text message exchanges between Creyelman and a Chinese intelligence officer.

Text Messages Reveal Covert Directives

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Published text exchanges between Creyelman and the Chinese intelligence officer shed light on the alleged directives given to the former senator. These included influencing discussions on sensitive issues like China’s actions in Hong Kong and the persecution of Uyghurs.

Far-Right Politician Expelled Over Espionage Allegations

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Creyelman, previously associated with the far-right Vlaams Belang political party, faced expulsion as his alleged espionage activities contradicted the party’s principles. “His actions go against the purpose and essence, even the name, of our party,” stated Vlaams Belang chair, Tom Van Grieken.

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Chinese Officer Guides Criticism of Uyghur Researcher

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One highlighted text message showed the Chinese intelligence officer instructing Creyelman to criticize a researcher who exposed details about China’s detention of hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs in Xinjiang. This added a sinister dimension to the espionage allegations.

Ineffectiveness and Opposition Acknowledged by Creyelman

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Despite the alleged espionage efforts, Creyelman’s messages revealed instances of inefficiency. In 2021, he admitted to trying unsuccessfully to oppose a parliamentary resolution declaring the Uyghur minority at risk of genocide.

Financial Motivations and Cryptocurrency Transactions

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The leaked messages also exposed financial aspects of the espionage, including discussions on payment. One exchange referred to instructions for Creyelman to use a cryptocurrency app for transactions related to his covert activities.

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Belgian Prime Minister Reacts to Espionage Allegations

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Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo expressed serious concern over the allegations. He emphasized the potential sabotage of prosperity, security, and democracy from within the country’s parliament.

Global Attention on Belgian Senator’s Espionage Scandal

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De Croo highlighted the international visibility of the scandal, with a senator from Vlaams Belang making headlines on the front page of the Financial Times. It highlighted the gravity of the situation for Belgium on the world stage.

Impact on European Union Relations Discussed

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As Creyelman’s alleged espionage activities could have implications for European Union relations, his arrival in Brussels for an EU meeting prompted further discussions on the potential consequences of the scandal on regional diplomacy. A European diplomat demanded a thorough review of our diplomatic ties and security protocols within the EU.

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Public Outrage and Calls for Investigation

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The revelation stirred public outrage, with citizens expressing concern about the potential compromise of national security. Calls for a thorough investigation into the extent of Creyelman’s espionage activities echoed across political and public spheres.

Opposition Parties Demand Accountability

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The political opposition seized the moment, demanding accountability for any potential breaches of national security. They also pressed for a comprehensive inquiry into the espionage scandal.

Diplomatic Fallout: China Faces Scrutiny

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In the wake of the espionage revelations, diplomatic tensions rose as European nations scrutinized China’s involvement in covert operations aimed at influencing their internal affairs. A senior diplomat from a European country stated that such actions jeopardize trust between nations.

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Creyelman Silent in the Face of Allegations

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Despite the damning evidence presented in the investigative report, Creyelman remained silent. He did not respond to the claims made by the media outlets before the publication of the explosive allegation.

Political Landscape Shifts as Espionage Scandal Unfolds

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 The unfolding espionage scandal has resulted in a significant shift in the Belgian political landscape. It forced parties to reassess their internal security measures and prompted a broader discussion on the vulnerability of democratic institutions.

Future Implications for Far-Right Movements

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Creyelman’s expulsion from Vlaams Belang and the fallout of the espionage scandal raise questions about the future trajectory of far-right movements in Belgium and their susceptibility to external influences. The collaboration between media outlets from different European countries demonstrates the importance of international cooperation in uncovering and addressing covert espionage activities that threaten the sovereignty of nations.

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