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Former Biden Advisor Discusses Public Perception of Economic Progress

Former Biden economic advisor Brian Deese recently appeared on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki” to discuss the public’s perception of economic progress under President Biden.

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Despite recent improvements in economic indicators, including a decrease in inflation rates, President Biden continues to receive low approval ratings on the economy, with some polls showing approval as low as 37%.

Deese suggested that there are two key factors contributing to this phenomenon.

First, he highlighted the unprecedented economic trauma caused by the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath, which he referred to as a period unlike anything the country had experienced in a century.

Deese emphasized that the process of transitioning to a more stable economic state takes time.

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Second, Deese mentioned that economic anxiety and skepticism have been building for years, leading people to be cautious about accepting progress.

He stated that individuals are naturally hesitant to believe in positive economic changes unless they are convinced that such progress will continue.

Deese acknowledged the challenges posed by high inflation rates, which have affected household spending. Reports indicate that Americans are spending significantly more on goods and services compared to previous years due to inflation.

Despite these economic challenges, Deese believes that as economic data improves, people’s sentiment about the economy will also improve.

He suggested that Democrats and the president need to communicate more effectively with the public, explaining how investments in areas like infrastructure and clean energy can positively impact their lives.

Deese emphasized the importance of making a strong case for these investments and engaging with the public to help them understand the potential benefits over the coming months and years.

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