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Former CIA Director Says Trump Is ‘Not Qualified’ To Handle National Security and Foreign Policy

Former CIA director John Brennan has slammed former President Donald Trump’s capabilities in handling national security matters during an interview.

He also openly questioned Trump’s qualifications in matters of foreign policy.

During a candid discussion with Belgium’s state broadcaster RTBF, Brennan reflected on his initial interactions with Trump regarding national security. 

He recalled a meeting prior to Trump’s inauguration as President. 

He felt that the former president was dismissive of the intelligence community’s findings at the time.

He added, “And he was especially trying to find out how we knew what we knew about Russian interference in the election.”

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Brennan said, “According to me, he was not qualified at the time, and he is not qualified today. We could see in particular that he did not understand the importance of the United States’s relations with our foreign allies and partners. He has little recognition for the transatlantic relationship, for NATO.”

His criticism extends to Trump’s understanding of critical international relationships and alliances.

The former CIA chief lamented Trump’s lack of appreciation for transatlantic relationships and NATO, which are pivotal to maintaining global balance and security against adversarial threats.

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Credits: DepositPhotos – 11.07.2018. BRUSSELS, BELGIUM. Donald Trump, President of United States of America World leaders arrives for Working dinner, during NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) SUMMIT 2018) — Photo by gints.ivuskans

Brennan expressed serious concerns about Trump’s potential to undermine Ukraine’s defense efforts against Russian aggression. 

He outlined scenarios where Trump could halt American support for Ukraine, thereby emboldening Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Brennan, Trump’s actions could potentially give Putin the “green light” to escalate his military aggression not just in Ukraine, but across Europe, posing a significant threat to European stability and security.

Brennan has often spoken out against Trump since he left his post as the head of the CIA. 

His critiques cover a range of issues from honesty and corruption to the undermining of democratic principles.

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Credits: DepositPhotos

Serving under President Obama, Brennan’s career in national security spans over three decades, giving him a seasoned perspective on the qualifications necessary for effective presidential leadership.

Brennan previously stated after the 2020 election that he planned to “ignore Trump” and “leave his fate to our judicial system, his infamy to history, [and] his legacy to a trash heap.”

In past statements, Brennan has not minced words about Trump’s legacy, predicting it will end in infamy and disgrace due to his perceived disregard for democratic values and norms.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, Brennan remains a pertinent voice in discussions about national security, especially regarding the implications of leadership styles on America’s international standing and internal safety.