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Former Democrat-Turned-Republican Backs Biden Impeachment Inquiry Despite Prior Opposition

Former Democrat and now Republican Representative Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey has drawn attention for his change of stance regarding impeachment inquiries.

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In 2019, while still a Democrat, Van Drew voted against launching an impeachment inquiry into then-President Donald Trump.

He emphasized concerns over the inquiry’s potential to deepen divisions without bipartisan support and fail in the Senate.

Van Drew’s switch to the Republican party following the impeachment proceedings aligned him with staunch Trump supporters.

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Despite his prior stance, he is now advocating for an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

This shift is noteworthy due to its resonance with the earlier political dynamics surrounding the Trump impeachment and the partisan nature of impeachment efforts.

Asserting the need for Republican steadfastness, Van Drew stated that Republicans should display resilience.

He is specifically pushing for an inquiry linked to Hunter Biden’s business dealings, mirroring the reason Trump sought to prompt an investigation in 2019.

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Van Drew’s renewed endorsement of an impeachment inquiry, expressed during a conference call with House Republicans, is gaining attention.

He reaffirmed his position that “it is definitely time, as we come back in September, in my opinion, for an impeachment inquiry.”

Notably, Van Drew’s change of heart raises questions about his evolving perspective on the divisiveness of partisan impeachment inquiries.

As his political trajectory continues to shift, observers await further insights into his rationale behind advocating for an inquiry under a different political context..

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