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Former Facebook DEI Head Confesses to Shocking $4 Million Embezzlement Scheme – The Inside Story

Barbara Furlow-Smiles, the former leader of Facebook’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts, has admitted her involvement in a massive embezzlement scheme, implicating her in stealing over $4 million from the social media giant, now known as Meta. Federal prosecutors recently revealed the shocking details of her deceitful actions.

Guilty Plea of a Former Facebook Executive

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Barbara Furlow-Smiles, who served as the head of DEI initiatives at Facebook from 2017 to 2021, has pleaded guilty to her role in a large-scale kickback scheme.

The Scope of Her Responsibilities

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During her tenure at Facebook, Furlow-Smiles was entrusted with overseeing initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Embezzlement Uncovered

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Federal prosecutors in Georgia disclosed that Furlow-Smiles diverted an astonishing $4 million from Facebook through a sophisticated embezzlement scheme.

Deceptive Financial Tactics

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Furlow-Smiles utilized payment apps connected to her Facebook credit card to facilitate her fraudulent activities.

The False Expense Reports

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Court documents revealed that she submitted false expense reports, disguising them as legitimate expenses incurred by the company.

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Coordinated Kickback Scheme

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To execute her scheme, Furlow-Smiles involved associates who would pay her kickbacks in cash or through financial transfers.

Concealed Transactions

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These cash kickbacks were sometimes concealed within innocuous items, such as T-shirts, and were delivered through various methods, including Federal Express or mail.

Meta’s Response

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Meta, the parent company of Facebook, expressed its cooperation with law enforcement authorities in the case, vowing to assist in the investigation.

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Silence from Furlow-Smiles’ Attorneys

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Despite the unfolding legal proceedings, attorneys representing Barbara Furlow-Smiles remained silent and refrained from commenting on the matter.

Involvement of Friends and Associates

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Prosecutors revealed that Furlow-Smiles leveraged her position at Facebook to introduce vendors connected to her friends and associates into the company’s operations.

Inflating Expenses for Illicit Gains

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Once these vendors were onboarded, she inflated expense reports, enabling her to receive extra funds from the vendors, who were unaware of her fraudulent activities.

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Diverse Group of Accomplices

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Her illicit activities involved a broad spectrum of individuals, including relatives, friends, former interns, “nannies and babysitters,” a hairstylist, and even her college tutor.

Sentencing in March 2024

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Furlow-Smiles is scheduled for sentencing in March 2024, with prosecutors highlighting the abuse of trust and the detrimental impact on her DEI mission at Facebook.

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