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Former Federal Prosecutor Alarmed Over Delay In Trump’s Jan. 6 Case

Neal Katyal, former Acting U.S. Solicitor General, has expressed growing concerns regarding the delay in the federal case against former President Trump, relating to charges connected to the 2020 election and the events of January 6, 2021.

Katyal’s apprehensions stem from the consideration of Trump’s immunity claims, which have pushed back the expected trial start date.

Concerns Over Delay in Trump’s Case

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Katyal voiced his mounting worries during an interview on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki.”

He said, “To use your phrase, Jen, at the beginning of this show: I am officially now at the freakout stage.”

American Citizens Deserve to Know

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Katyal added, “I can’t imagine a more compelling need for speed than the idea that American citizens deserve to know before the election whether a candidate for office is a felon and an insurrectionist.”

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

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Katyal also emphasized that “we’re now at the point — to use a different legal phrase, justice delayed is justice denied.”

Initial Timeline and Current Setback

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Originally, it was anticipated that the Trump case related to the 2020 election and the January 6th Capitol incident would commence next month.

However, an appeals court’s consideration of Trump’s immunity claims has resulted in a postponement of the trial.

Judge Chutkan’s Decision

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U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan took the decision to suspend the case, citing the need to await an appeals court ruling.

Exact Timeline For Hearing Uncertain

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The exact timeline for when the case will be heard remains uncertain, raising questions about whether it can occur before the 2024 presidential election, where Trump is considered the likely GOP nominee.

Katyal’s Concerns About Delay

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Neal Katyal expressed particular concern over the extended duration of the presidential immunity case, believing that it was an “easy case.”

Contentious Presidential Immunity Argument

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During a recent presentation of the presidential immunity case before the three-judge District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals panel, Trump’s attorney, John Sauer, faced challenging questions.

Qualified Yes

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Sauer was presented with a hypothetical scenario in which a president would be immune from prosecution if they ordered SEAL Team Six to assassinate a political opponent or sold pardons.

His response, a “qualified yes,” was met with substantial skepticism from the panel.

Katyal’s Perspective on the Immunity Case

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Neal Katyal argued that no responsible constitutional scholar would agree with Donald Trump’s assertion of absolute immunity, allowing a president to order the murder of a political opponent or senators who might impeach him.

Potential Trial Timeline and Supreme Court Appeal

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Katyal expressed worries that the delay could extend the trial past June.

He also speculated that if Trump loses in the Court of Appeals, he might attempt to escalate the case to the Supreme Court, which could further prolong the process, creating significant challenges in the legal proceedings.

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