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Former Flight Attendant Honors 9/11 Heroes with a 300-Mile Journey

In remembrance of the brave flight crews who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, retired United Airlines flight attendant Paul Veneto is embarking on a unique 300-mile journey called “Paulie’s Push.”

Flight Crews: The First Responders on 9/11

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Veneto believes that flight crews were the unsung heroes of 9/11, facing unprecedented challenges during the hijackings.

To honor their memory, he retraces the tragic routes taken by each hijacked airliner.

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A Personal Tribute

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Veneto’s mission holds deep personal significance as he knew the crew members aboard United Airlines Flight 175, including his friend and colleague Amy Jarret, who tragically lost their lives on that day.

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Multiple Pushes Planned

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This is Veneto’s third “Paulie’s Push,” with another one planned in the future.

He previously walked from Boston to the World Trade Center Memorial and from Washington

Dulles International Airport to the Pentagon.

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The push from Newark to Shanksville will be Veneto’s longest and most challenging yet, taking him through New Jersey and into the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.

However, he remains determined to honor the heroic crew of United Airlines Flight 93.

Honoring Flight 93 Heroes

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Veneto is inspired by the selflessness of the crew and passengers aboard Flight 93, who made the ultimate sacrifice to prevent further tragedy on the ground.

He considers them true American heroes.

Ensuring Their Contributions Are Cherished

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Through this physically demanding journey, Veneto hopes to keep the memory of these brave flight crews alive and ensure that their contributions to the nation’s history are forever cherished..

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