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Former Green Beret Criticizes Biden’s Leadership, Advocates for Increased Veteran Presence in Congress

Pat Harrigan, a former Green Beret and business owner, is stepping into the political arena.

He’s running for Congress in North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District, aiming to bring a fresh perspective to Washington.

Motivation for Running

Credit: US President Joe Biden attends an event in the state of Pennsylvania. August 30, 2022, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, USA: US President Joe Biden speaks on security and firearms during an event in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday (30) — Photo by thenews2.com

Harrigan’s decision to run was heavily influenced by his concerns over the current administration’s handling of various issues.

He criticizes President Biden’s approach, particularly the management of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Drive Behind the Campaign

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He said he is “Incredibly concerned for the future of our country” and expressed his dismay at the Afghanistan withdrawal.

His military background fuels his desire for change in leadership at the highest levels.

A Soldier’s Perspective

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Serving in Afghanistan provided Harrigan with firsthand experience of leadership under pressure.

Leading hundreds in combat, he learned the stakes of global politics and the importance of America’s role on the world stage.

The Importance of Veteran Leadership

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Harrigan believes Congress needs more veterans.

He argues that veterans offer a principled approach to governance that is currently lacking.

A History of Service

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From West Point to the Green Berets, Harrigan’s military career has been defined by leadership and dedication.

These experiences, he says, prepare him uniquely for the challenges of Congress.

Leading in Combat

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Reflecting on his time in Afghanistan, Harrigan highlights the leadership skills he honed.

“Leading almost 400 Americans and Afghans all by myself,” he recalls, emphasizing the isolation and responsibility of his position.

Vision for American Leadership

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Harrigan criticizes recent American foreign policy, advocating for a stronger leadership role globally.

He believes that without decisive American leadership, global stability is at risk.

Veterans in Politics

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The candidate notes the decline in veterans serving in Congress, contrasting it with the post-World War II era.

He sees this as a loss of valuable experience and perspective.

An Entrepreneurial Journey

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Beyond the battlefield, Harrigan has proven himself in business.

Starting a firearms business from his home, he experienced the challenges and rewards of American entrepreneurship.

Building a Business

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His business, starting in a double-wide trailer, has grown into a major operation.

This success story, Harrigan argues, showcases the potential for American manufacturing and entrepreneurship under the right conditions.

Priorities for Office

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If elected, Harrigan aims to tackle the crisis at the southern border first.

He supports strong, immediate action to enhance national security.

A Firm Stance on Border Security

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Echoing former President Trump, Harrigan calls for a massive wall at the southern border.

He sees this as essential to safeguarding domestic security.

The Primary Challenge

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Harrigan is not alone in his bid for the Republican nomination.

The primary field is crowded, but he remains focused on his campaign’s message and goals.

Harrigan’s Surge; Uniquely Qualified for NC-10

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With the primary approaching, Harrigan’s campaign is gaining attention.

His blend of military, business, and personal experiences offers a unique option for voters in North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District.

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